Physician Recruitment 201

Broaden and enhance your knowledge base for recruitment

Who Should Attend:
The “101” has laid the foundation for recruiters. Now recruiters can build on that base with the “201” program, which is designed to address critical topics of compensation, orientation, relocation, and retention. This is also a part of the ASPR Fellowship program.

Registration fee includes the program and the first-time exam fee for the 201 segment of the Fellowship Program. Subsequent exam costs will be the responsibility of the individual.

Why You Should Attend This Session:

  • Network with colleagues from across North America.
  • Attend training for in-house recruiters by in-house recruiters.
  • Hear state-of the-art information about our industry.
  • Obtain tools for your recruiting toolbox.
  • Find the best ways to court, close, and keep a physician.
  • Learn ways to develop a relocation policy while working within the IRS guidelines.
  • Review physician compensation and what’s necessary to be competitive while remaining within your budget.
  • Add to your personal recruitment resource library.
  • Become an ASPR Diplomat - the 201 is the second of three components of the ASPR Fellowship Program and second step to becoming a full ASPR Fellow.

Here's What You'll Receive:

  • A “how to” workbook.
  • Instruction from seasoned in-house recruiters and other experts in the field.
  • Earn a certificate of completion for “Physician Recruitment 201.”

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