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Annual Conference Highlight: Sidewalk Interviews
2011 ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report - Excerpts from the Executive Summary
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Annual Conference Highlight: Sidewalk Interviews

Ivie HallBe on the lookout in Chicago for an opportunity to be interviewed! ASPR’s Membership & Marketing Committee would like to interview conference attendees to hear about their experience as an ASPR member.  Ivie Hall, from Northeast Georgia Health System in Gainesville, GA and member of the Membership & Marketing Committee, will be conducting short sidewalk interviews throughout the conference. The interview clips will be utilized on the ASPR website to help promote ASPR membership, the annual conference, and our certification program.   

Please say “Yes!” when Ivie asks you to participate in a short sidewalk interview!   Thank you!

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2011 ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report - Excerpts from the Executive Summary

The typical reporting organization is situated in a Metropolitan area of 100,000 to 250,000 people, and approximately 40% of the organizations are based in the Midwest region.  Reporting organizations employed a median of 1 physician recruiter (2.1 physician recruiters on average), and the typical in-house physician recruiter performed 13 active searches during calendar year 2010. It is noteworthy that the number of searches per recruiter grew sizably for larger organizations. Of those organizations that employed more than 3 physician recruiters, their recruiters were responsible for 23.4 active searches (on average) during the year. 

The most common specialties for which searches were performed during 2010 included Family Medicine (13%), Hospitalist (11%), Internal Medicine (8%), Nurse Practitioner (5%), and Physician Assistant (5%).

There was a noted predominance of primary care searches during this time period.   The most common sub-specialties and surgical specialty searches were Emergency Medicine, OB/Gyn, Neurology, Psychiatry, and General Surgery.   Of the reported searches that were active at some point during 2010:  60% were filled during the year.  Median days to fill for Family Medicine and Internal Medicine positions were 150 days and 130 days respectively.

In-house recruiters were unable to self-report their compensation figures.  All compensation values were reported by a member of their organization’s Human Resources department.  On average, in-house physician recruiters earned a base compensation of $71,123 and received a bonus of $3,426, equaling $74,549 in total compensation.

To further aid the analysis of the compensation data, the recruiters were grouped into three compensation bands: those who earned less than $60,000, those earning between $60,000 and $80,000, and those earning more than $80,000. Based on these groupings, the following can be detected for the highest income earners versus the lower groups: they are more likely to have earned upper-level degrees; they are more likely to be an ASPR member and to hold ASPR designations and other certifications; they are more experienced; and they are much more likely to supervise staff and have provider retention responsibilities.

Read the full Executive Summary

Can’t Travel to the Annual Conference?  Register for the Physician Recruitment 101 Webinar Series

The ASPR Physician Recruitment 101 Fellowship Module will be presented via live webinar series for you to attend in the comfort of your own office.   No travel costs, no time out of the office!   The six individual webinars will also be recorded to participate in on-demand presentations which can be attended anytime, anywhere!  Take advantage of this convenient and cost effective Webinar series! 
Webinars will be held on Tuesdays from 2:00-3:30 EST beginning September 20:

Getting Organized for RecruitingSeptember 20
Christopher Kashnig, FASPR
Learn what pre- and post-hire tools and processes you need to get organized for successful physician recruitment.  Discussion includes position justifications, medical staff manpower plans, recruitment committees, establishing compensation, and available tools for sourcing and screening candidates.

The Magic of SourcingSeptember 27
Marci Jackson, FASPR
Review cutting edge sourcing methodologies including databases, mailings, print ads, career fairs, internet postings, social media, and much more.  Realize how candidate tracking tools are essential to an organized recruitment department.  Understand how current training trends and physician demographics impact your sourcing and marketing efforts.  

Screening Candidates: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – October 4
Michael Griffin, FASPR

Understand how a comprehensive screening, credentialing and background investigation program can help ensure a successful match and reduce turnover.   Learn how to screen candidates throughout the process from identifying red flags on CVs, telephone screening, reference checks, behavioral interviewing, personality testing, credentials verification, and backgrounds checks.

Impressive Interviews: Rolling Out the Red Carpet – October 11
Laura Screeney, FASPR
How do you develop an extraordinary itinerary to make a great first and lasting impression?  This session will focus on pre-interview planning, educating the hiring practice, interview logistics, and itinerary development to effectively address the professional aspects of the opportunity and personal needs of the physician and their family.  Learn how to personalize the site visit to ensure a positive interview experience for your candidates!

Immigration Primer – October 25
Robert D. Aronson, JD
Discover how your organization can employ Foreign Medical Graduates.   Learn about J1 and H1B visas and the J1 waiver process.  You will also gain an understanding of the pathway to permanent residency through National Interest Waivers or Labor Certification Applications. Get practical advice on how to make immigration work to assist your recruitment program.

Establishing a Recruitment Budget – November 1
Christopher Kashnig, FASPR
How many placements are required to “break even” with an in-house physician recruitment program compared to using search firms?   In this session, you will learn the answer to this question as well as how to determine your recruiting costs per physician hired.  Review how one organization evaluated its recruitment expenses to understand variations between rural and urban locations and between primary care and specialty recruitment.  You will also receive advice on how to develop a realistic physician recruitment budget for your department. 

$400 (members) or $625 (non-members) for the Series which includes presentations, supporting resource documents, and registration fee for the Associate (101) Exam. **You must be a current member of ASPR to take the Associate Exam.

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Participating on ASPR Chat helps you get the most out of your ASPR membership. Many in-house physician recruitment professionals work in one-person departments and are often the only one in their organization focused on provider recruitment.  ASPR Chat is a means to quickly and easily connect, network, and communicate with colleagues who understand your role and the challenges it brings.  It can feel as if your colleagues on the other side of the country are just in the office next door.

Even if you work with other recruiters, ASPR Chat allows you gain an outside perspective on your situation or insight into your current challenges. Through ASPR Chat, you can ask questions and receive answers in real time, as well as share your own experiences, resources, and techniques with other ASPR members who might be in need of assistance.

If you’re not already signed up for ASPR Chat, we encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful resource and member benefit. Learn more and sign up today.


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