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September ASPR Webinar – How Physicians Search for Jobs
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‘Tis the Season for Residency Education — Do You Have the Tools You Need?

September ASPR Webinar – How Physicians Search for Jobs

Register today for this free webinar being held on September 28 at 2:00 EDT.

Speaker: Cathy Mai, Marketing Manager, Recruitment Advertising, NEJM

New England Journal of Medicine
Sponsored by The New England Journal of Medicine

NEJM CareerCenter has commissioned a number of physician studies and surveys to help physician recruiters better understand attitudes, trends, and behaviors among job-seeking physicians, in an effort to assist with physician recruitment and retention efforts. The findings of the most recent study help uncover useful information that is most compelling to recruiters. When do young physicians search for jobs? What job search sources do they use? What factors are most important to them? For anyone involved in recruiting young physicians, these are crucial questions. This is especially true given today’s extreme shortage of qualified candidates. The New England Journal of Medicine commissioned Zeldis Research Associates, Inc. to conduct an independent, blind study of young physicians, residents and fellows. The results provide an overview of when and how today’s young physicians search for jobs. Armed with this information, recruiters can adjust their strategies to recruit physicians more effectively.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to understand attitudes, trends, and behaviors among job-seeking physicians, in an effort to assist with physician recruitment and retention efforts. This will help recruiters better understand current drivers of recruitment decisions by young physicians.

Physician Recruitment 101 Webinar – Live or On Demand

Are you ready to take the first step towards becoming certified as an expert in your profession?  ASPR is offering the Physician Recruitment 101 Module as a webinar for the first time starting on September 20.  The Module will be offered as a series of six webinars (one per week).  Don’t let your busy schedule deter you, if you miss a live session, don’t worry you can watch it on demand afterward!  

Learn more details about the 101 Module and register today.

ASPR Mentorship Program

Did you know ASPR has a Mentorship Program?  The ASPR Mentorship Program is designed to provide new in-house recruiters a “go to resource” for the multitude of questions which are inherent to our profession.   The Mentorship Program is one that is ultimately about helping our new members grow and develop professionally.

The mentor-mentee relationship consists of a seasoned recruiter being matched with a less experienced colleague. The two form a relationship which allows for consistent and open communication designed to provide the mentee with “tools of the trade.” The mentor serves as a sounding board for ideas; provides referrals for items of interest (advertising sites, locums firms, and residency programs), introductions, and anything else that can make the mentee’s transition into the physician recruiting world a little easier.

The ASPR Mentorship Program has been active for several years and continues to grow. Each year ASPR has had an increase in the number of new members who are requesting a mentor be assigned to them.  It is a rewarding experience for both the mentor and the mentee.

Interested in being matched with a mentor or becoming a mentor? Please contact ASPR Member Services at or 800-830-2777.

‘Tis the Season for Residency Education — Do You Have the Tools You Need?

Many ASPR members throughout the country are busy making plans to provide educational presentations to help residents and fellows with their job search.  We do this for two reasons – first to provide helpful information to trainees that they would otherwise not receive from their programs, and second, to get an opportunity to get face to face contact with them and hope that they may want one of our jobs that we’re recruiting for!

ASPR is pleased to provide our members with resources to help educate residents and fellows on a variety of topics which will assist them with their job search as they transition from training to practice. These resources will help you empower residents and fellows as they launch and manage their job search. Our hope is that ASPR members will provide education at their local and regional training programs and refer residents and fellows to the ASPR website to connect directly with our members.

You will find these resources in the Member Resources section of the ASPR website.   You will find several PowerPoint presentations for residents as well as some geared toward Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.   You will also find some additional documents that are available to download and share with residents that cover individual topics in more detail.  Our “toolbox” also provides recommendations on how to use the resources and tips on gaining access to training programs.

Please use these resources and if the residents and fellows are not interested in staying in your area, please refer them to the ASPR website to connect with colleagues in other parts of the country and search our physician job board.

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