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Benchmarking FAQs
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Survey FAQs


How do I participate?

Go to benchmarking website at

When is the survey available?

The survey opens on December 1st of every year and runs through the end of March.

Who can participate?

  • Any in-house recruiter can participate
  • You do not have to be a member of ASPR to participate
  • The survey is not open to search firms of any kind

How do I get a username and password?

  • Go to the benchmarking website
  • New Users should select “Register”
  • You will be allowed to select your own username and password
  • This password will be used to complete your survey AND access your finalized results

How many surveys do I need to submit?

  • Complete one survey per organization
  • Organizations that cover multiple states and it is unfeasible to submit one for their entire organization, may contact the Benchmarking Chair for a waiver

What questions will be asked on the survey?

  • The survey report is composed of three sections: Demographic information, Searches, Recruitment Compensation. There is also a “Help” tab and a “Feedback” tab that allows you to share your suggestions.
  • Demographics Tab: Basic information about your organization, your department, and your work as a whole.
  • Searches Tab: Information specific to each search you worked on during the year, such as specialty, population, number of applicants, the current status of the search, etc.
  • Recruitment Compensation: This asks information about your recruitment department, titles, experience, and education level.

Where do I enter compensation information?

  • Once you complete the “Recruitment Compensation” tab, you will be asked to provide contact information for your HR department.
  • Industry Insights will contact your HR rep to report compensation for the members of your department listed in the “Recruitment Compensation” tab.

Why can’t I enter my own compensation?

  • Self-reported compensation is not considered reliable as a basis of determining salary.
  • By requiring HR reporting, you can use this salary data as a means of adjusting salary based on education, title, or experience.

How will I know if my HR department has completed the information?

  • Check back at the survey site and select the “Recruitment Compensation” tab.
  • If the box titled “HR Complete” is checked, your compensation data has been received.

Why can’t I see the compensation data entered?

  • For purposes of confidentiality, the compensation data is inaccessible to everyone.
  • Some organizations might allow multiple employees to enter their own data related to searches. Having the compensation data inaccessible prevents any inadvertent breaches of confidential information

When will I get a copy of the final report?

  • There will be NO HARDCOPIES printed. All results are available electronically for print or to be access throughout the year.
  • The final results will be available in the spring.
  • Participants will receive free access to their results indefinitely.
  • Those who do not participate may purchase access at The cost is $300.

How will I know my report is ready?

  • Participants will get an email alert that the report is available.
  • Return to the website to access your results.
  • Use the same username/password created to complete the survey.

Who sees my information? Does ASPR get a copy of my information?

  • Your information is sent directly to Industry Insights.
  • Industry Insights is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of participants and integrity of data submission.
  • Industry Insights will compile, analyze, and report the data.
  • Participation rates that do not provide statistical significance or would allow an individual entity to be identified will not be permitted into the final results.
  • ASPR does not receive any individually reported data as an organization; nor does any individual member possess the ability to request or obtain individually reported data.

Who is Industry Insights?

Industry Insights is a company that specializes in high-quality research services and specializes in trade and professional associations.

ASPR has contracted with Industry Insights as an independent third-party vendor to assure the integrity of the collection, analysis, and reporting of all benchmarking data submissions.

Can I get the survey report, if I did not participate?

  • Yes. You can purchase a copy of the final results.
  • Go to
  • Select “Purchase the Survey Report” and follow the instructions.

Where do I purchase a copy of the survey report?

What is a Company Benchmarking Survey Report?

The Company Benchmarking Report (CBR) is a report available only to participants.

The CBR compares the data you submitted in the annual survey to the national results

What are the Searchable Results and how do I access them?

Searchable results will allow you to access data slices found in the benchmarking report and export them for use in other documents.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Survey or web site specific issues should be directed to Scott Hackworth at Industry Insights: or by phone at (614) 389-2100, ext 105

Questions regarding “how” a survey question should be answered should be directed to Benchmarking Committee Co-Chairs. For contact information, access ASPR’s committee list

For general feedback; comments, complaints about the survey itself, the website, or the process, please utilize the “Feedback” tab on the survey collection tool.

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