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2013 ASPR Annual Conference Breakout Sessions
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Breakout Sessions

Monday Morning Breakout Sessions

Track: Marketing and Sourcing
Track: Adding Value: Other Duties as Assigned

Track: Trends in Healthcare

What Is Your Sourcing Plan Missing?

Michael Douglas, Fidelis Partners

At the core of quality recruiting are solid sourcing methods. This session will cover organizational tips on how to create better communication flow, evaluate job board resources, manage search firms, and review tools to help track conversions and sourcing metrics. Using skills learned in this session, you can evaluate your current sourcing methods for efficiency and effectiveness to ensure your sourcing plan is complete.

How Hospitals Can Legally Fund Physician Recruitment

Paul Vanchiere, Physician Practice Review

Attendees will learn how hospitals can legally recruit non-employed physicians. Through safe-harbor provisions within applicable Stark laws, hospitals have a valid mechanism to cover the start-up cost of physician practices. The presentation will include flowcharts and checklists necessary to ensure regulatory compliance as well as a concise roadmap of how the process works from both the physician and hospital perspective.

Designing a Physician Compensation Plan that Works

Laura Palmer, MGMA-ACMPE

Physician compensation can reward productivity, encourage teamwork, and improve patient care. A well designed plan helps recruit and retain the right physicians and align their performance to achieve organizational success. Attendees will learn how to use survey data to create an effective compensation model for recruiting. By determining which benchmarks to use, attendees will be able to explain the plan to candidates and develop a plan that meets the employer’s needs.

Monday Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Track: Marketing and Sourcing
Track: Adding Value: Other Duties as Assigned

Track: Trends in Healthcare

Think Like a Marketer to Capture Top Talent

Leslie Snavely, CHG Healthcare Services

To attract top provider candidates in today’s challenging market, you need to start thinking like a marketer. The key is to first understand your audience, then develop a strategic marketing plan to recruit them. Learn practical tips, tools, and techniques to create and market jobs to capture top talent. This interactive session will provide real-world experiences of physician recruiters and give attendees the fundamentals to successfully market their jobs.

Physician Coaching for Retention, Development and Patient Experience

Joanne Schlosser, Rising Stars Leadership Coaching

Healthcare is undergoing major changes. Are your physician recruits ready for the future? Attendees will understand what coaching is and isn’t and how coaching yields significant results that have a tremendous impact on the success of your organization. Find out how coaching can accelerate physician development as well as impact recruitment, retention, patient satisfaction, and other key metrics. Explore ways physician coaching can be implemented into your organization.

Creative Immigration Options for Long-Term Retention of IMG Physicians

Farhad Sethna, Law offices of Farhad Sethna

This presentation will provide a precise dissection of immigration law as it pertains to recruiting, hiring, and retaining International Medical Graduates (IMGs). Topics will include a review of available immigration options, specific tools to evaluate IMG candidates, what to look for and ask for (legally) when vetting IMG candidates, solutions to avoid needless rejection of qualified candidates, timeframes and costs, and how to follow the regulations relatively painlessly.

Tuesday Morning Breakout Sessions

Track: Marketing and Sourcing
Track: Adding Value: Other Duties as Assigned

Track: Trends in Healthcare

The Power of Being There: The Who, What, Where, Why, When and How of Exhibiting at Physician Specialty Meetings

David Townsend, PracticeLink Inc. and Eric Martin, PracticeLink, Inc.

Ever thought about recruiting at a physician specialty meeting? With ROI on everyone’s minds, exhibiting at physician specialty meetings must be done smartly. This session will teach you what to do before, during, and after exhibiting. Identify the pros and cons of recruiting at physician specialty meetings and develop realistic expectations of ROI. Learn tips on making educated decisions about booth placement, logistics, booth etiquette, increasing traffic, and more.

Building an Efficient Medical Staff Engine: Achieve System-Wide Goals with Transparency

Hope Valvero, BJC Medical Group and Lori Schutte, Cejka Search

The development of integrated health systems results in medical staff aligment challenges. This presentation will include a case study about the alignment challenges faced by an integrated system. Retention benchmarks from the Cejka Search and AMGA 2012 Physician Retention Survey will be applied to real-life challenges. Attendees will learn about balancing growth and efficiency through a case study on a recruitment and retention model.

Building a Bridge Between Physicians and Hospitals

M. Tray Dunaway, MD, FACS, CSP

Physicians and hospitals often have different mindsets that can contribute to misunderstandings and damage fragile relationships. Strong hospitals depend on healthy physician relations to meet future challenges in healthcare. How strong are your relationships with your physicians? Explore the physician psyche and understand the drivers of physician behavior as well as improve ways to meaningfully connect with physicians.

Tuesday Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Track: Marketing and Sourcing
Track: Adding Value: Other Duties as Assigned

Track: Trends in Healthcare

You Can Do What? An In-depth Look at How Technology Can Change Recruitment

Shawn Kessler, ab+c and Emerson Moses, FASPR, One Medical Group

Technology is changing everything, from candidate practice choice to how physicians look for new opportunities. Join us to review and learn how technology is changing the recruitment process for physicians and recruiters. Hear real-life examples of how new technology can help recruiters with daily tasks and keeping in touch. Survey results will be discussed on how physicians are using technology and how we can leverage this knowledge for better results.

Recruiting for Challenging Searches – Creatively Controlling the Controllable Aspects of Your Search

Jim Stone, The Medicus Firm

You can’t change your location or the weather, but you can proactively control many aspects of your recruitment efforts to recruit the doctors you need despite the toughest challenges. Making even minor adjustments to your processes can significantly impact your success. Think “outside of the box” for creative ways to gain an edge in physician recruitment to rural locations or other challenging searches.

Payments for Quality

Chris Carnahan, Carnahan Group

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 mandates quality measurement to avoid penalties and to ensure the highest reimbursement rates. This session will focus on how healthcare organizations must analyze clinical information to improve the quality, efficiency and overall value of healthcare as well as lowering healthcare costs. Basic quality measurement classifications of healthcare metrics include financial, utilization, cost/productivity, clinical performance, patient safety and patient satisfaction.

Understanding the Passive Physician Job Seeker

Keith Yocum, New England Journal of Medicine, and John Fromson, MD

Understanding the passive physician job seeker is key to any in-house physician recruitment professional. This session will provide an overview of results from a NEJM CareerCenter commissioned, independent survey of U.S. physicians that identifies physician attitudes and behaviors around job seeking. Attendees will understand the various stages of “job seeking” that U.S. physicians occupy and how to employ tactics to source this largest pool of potential candidates.

4 for 1. Four Departments, One Process: Recruit, On-board, Orient, and Retain

Jim Zache, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

Learn how one organization embraces and executes a physician’s journey from recruitment, onboarding, orientation, and retention. This presentation will review how one health system and medical group have partnered operations within four departments to develop a streamlined process that walks with physicians from their first interview to their first day on the job.

The Use of Supplemental Benefits to Favorably Impact Physician Recruitment and Boost Retention

Gary Aden, Stratford 360

Fair market value limits physician pay; however, expanding the total rewards package by adding supplemental benefits, structured to reward career service, is proving a valuable recruitment and retention tool. After a brief presentation of benefits structures that boost physician retention, including an analysis of ROI, session attendees will examine three sample retention issues and practice applying benefits strategies to solve them.

Wednesday Morning Breakout Sessions

Track: Marketing and Sourcing
Track: Adding Value: Other Duties as Assigned

Track: Trends in Healthcare

Screening Candidates and the Law

Anna Jarecki, AccuCheck and Cathy Braatz, AccuCheck

I can’t ask that! Can I? The world of background checks has changed considerably. There is more information available but also more restrictions and regulations governing its use. Learn how laws impact everything from the questions you ask to what to do with negative information revealed. We’ll discuss the FCRA, CFPB, EEOC, FACTA, social media, and more. Learn what you can ask, uncover, and use during the screening process — legally!

Post Reform Era Medical Staff Development Planning

Shane Foreman, 3d Health and Jon Geise, 3d Health

The necessary evolution of medical staff development planning for hospitals and health systems has been profound. What started as a very compliance-oriented process now includes an organization’s strategic needs and takes into consideration post-reform realities. This session will cover the ingredients of a strategic medical staff development plan, industry data sources, how Healthcare Reform impacts medical staff development planning, and the key outputs of a plan.

Employment Trends with Hospital-Based Specialties – Hospitalists, Surgicalists, Laborists, Intensivists

Susan Masterson, TeamHealth

This session will review employment and recruitment trends in hospital-based specialties including emergency medicine, hospitalists, surgicalists, laborists, and intensivists. Attendees will learn past and current statistics, options for staffing services, strategies to attract and recruit hospital-based physicians, and how to align recruitment resources to accommodate shifts in services and provider employment.

Wednesday Morning Breakout Sessions

Track: Marketing and Sourcing
Track: Adding Value: Other Duties as Assigned

Track: Trends in Healthcare

Too Little Time, Too Many Openings? How to Manage a Recruiting Firm to Exceed Your Goals

Neal Fenster, Enterprise Medical Services

This interactive discussion will focus on how healthcare organizations can best work with and utilize search firms. Discussion will include what information to provide search firms initially to receive the most qualified candidates and improve efficiencies, setting clear mutual expectations, how to save money when working with firms, and what types of questions should be asked when determining which search firms to work with.

Become a Leader in Your Organization and Industry

Joelle Hennesey, FASPR, Scott Lindblom, FASPR, Maddie Wagner, FASPR, Brett Walker, FASPR, with moderator Laura Screeney, FASPR

Career advancement and professional growth are high on many in-house physician recruitment professionals’ priority lists. Join a panel of industry leaders who will share their experiences with developing leadership skills, growing recruitment departments, and advancing their careers. Learn tips on how to be a resource to your C-suite, present to your board, develop your leadership skills, become a recognized leader in your organization and industry, and ultimately advance your career.

Advanced Practice Provider Trends for Hospital & Clinic-Based Practices

David McAnally,

This presentation will provide an overview of advanced practice professions. Attendees will understand current and future supplies, compensation trends, motivations for seeking new employment, specialties in highest demand, supervision challenges, and regulatory barriers. The differences versus physicians in licensing, credentialing, practice limitations, prescriptive privilege and collaborative agreements from state to state will be discussed. Learn how to employ advanced practice professionals in the most efficient way.

2013 Annual Conference Details

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