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Corporate Contributor Policies - Policy for Corporate Contributor Emails

Corporate Contributor emails will be distributed by ASPR to its membership as a benefit of your contribution. The number of emails you may request depends upon the level of contributorship you have purchased. No more than one email may be sent every calendar month. It is the responsibility of the Contributor to plan accordingly. Email opportunities not used will not be made up later, as this constitutes a violation of this policy.

Gold level: 12 times per year
Silver Level: 8 times per year
Bronze Level: 4 times per year

Email format

Emails will be branded with the ASPR banner at the top and bottom of the email and will run with the header and subject line of "A message from an ASPR Corporate Contributor.” Thus, the messages will be easily recognizable as being from ASPR and not simply spam. It is the responsibility of ASPR staff to ensure that you also receive the email that is sent on your behalf.

Email content

Content for the emails must be submitted not less than one week before the scheduled email is to be sent. Emails sent after this deadline will be sent on a time and space available basis. Content will be sent between the header and footer of the aforementioned email format. The copy contained within must be supplied by the contributor. It is the responsibility of ASPR staff to (a) insert, format and edit supplied copy, and (b) submit the email for review not less than one (1) business day before the email is scheduled to be sent. Email content between the header and footer will be formatted in conjunction with the style and branding of ASPR unless otherwise requested and approved. Photos and a logo may be included. Photos must be no wider than 600 pixels. No combination of photos can be wider than the banner at the top, which is 600 pixels (i.e. If a logo is 200 pixels wide and the contributor requests to have a photo next to the logo, the maximum width of that photo is 400 pixels for a TOTAL width of 600).

Email tracking links are at the discretion of the contributor. All tracking links must be included when the content is submitted.

All content is subject to review by ASPR staff and its board of directors. Content deemed inappropriate, either technically (e.g. broken links, malicious scripting, oversized text or images, low quality images) or ethically (e.g. libelous, false, misleading, vulgar, or unethical content) will be rejected. ASPR reserves the right to reject an email for any reason without notice. Violation of this subjects contributor to possible rejection or outright dismissal from corporate contributor status.

Gold Corporate Contributors are allowed one email (by request only) from their scheduled emails to promote their company party while at the 2016 ASPR Annual Conference for ASPR conference attendees.

Unacceptable submission formats

ASPR will not accept PDF, Publisher files, pre-formatted HTML files that are embedded in the sent email, spreadsheets, items sent with any scripting other than HTML (i.e. Javascript, embedded video, SWF files, PHP). HTML files sent as attachments are acceptable.

Email reservation

It is the responsibility of the contributor to schedule, either by email or by phone, all emails not less than ten (10) business days before an email is scheduled to go out.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in your request being accommodated on a space and time available basis.

To avoid (a) the oversaturation of emails and (b) the lack of message retention caused thereby, ASPR will not send more than one Corporate Contributor email on any given day unless the volume of contributors exceeds the number of business days in a month. In this event, emails will be spaced at least four hours apart.

Reservations may be submitted to Sue Yoemans at You must receive a confirmation to be considered reserved for the requested dates. Dates may be requested for up to one calendar year in advance and may be reserved all at one time. All reservations are first come, first serve.

Blackout periods

The period two weeks prior to the ASPR Annual Conference is reserved for ASPR association emails only. No Corporate Contributor emails of any kind will be sent during this time. The period of two to four weeks before the conference is reserved for Gold Level Corporate Contributors. It is strongly recommended that corporate contributors plan accordingly. Failure to recognize this space of time can lead to a loss of that month’s allowed email.

Emails will be sent on business days only. Emails will not be sent on U.S. holidays. This includes: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (and the following Friday), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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