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Fellowship Recertification

Recertification: Because learning never ends

To ensure that FASPRs maintain an appropriate level of education commensurate with the FASPR certification, you’ll have the opportunity to recertify every three years. Since the field of in-house physician recruitment continues to evolve, this process allows you to stay on top of the latest trends and resource information.

Beginning January 1, 2012, FASPR certification will be valid for three years from the date of certification. Recertification will be required within three months of the FASPR expiration date. FASPRs who obtained certification prior to January 1, 2012 will have three years to obtain their recertification requirements beginning on January 1, 2012. The following criteria must be met in order to obtain FASPR Recertification:

  • Must be a current ASPR Member in good standing
  • Obtain a minimum of 24 CE Credits over the three year period since most recent FASPR certification
  • If 24 CE Credits are not obtained, recertification may also be obtained by retaking and passing all three fellowship exams
  • Requirements must be met within three months of FASPR expiration

If these criteria are met, you will receive a new FASPR Certificate upon your recertification. Once you have recertified three times, you will receive a Lifetime Certification and will not be required to recertify again.

If your Recertification Application is not approved, you will be required to obtain the missing CE Credits required and re-submit your application along with a $25 administrative fee.  Review your application in advance and be sure that you have all of your CE Credits prior to your initial application in order to avoid these additional steps. 

If you do not complete your recertification within three months of FASPR expiration, you will be required to take and pass all three exams again in order to recertify.

If your FASPR certification expires at a time when your ASPR membership is inactive and you return to ASPR within 24 months of leaving, you may apply for recertification along with a $50 application fee.  Your recertification will be approved if you meet the recertification requirements at that time.  If you do not have the CE Credits you will be required to take and pass all three exams again in order to recertify.


FASPR Recertification Application Process

In order to apply for recertification, you must complete the online FASPR Recertification Application Form.  Payment of $25 will be required at the time of recertification application.  The application form requires your total number of CE Credits, total CE Credits from ASPR educational programs, and total CE Credits from non-ASPR educational programs that you are applying toward your 24 CE Credit requirement. You must download your ASPR CE Transcript from your ASPR Profile to attach to your application.  

Your CE transcript can be obtained by going to your ASPR profile, selecting Manage Profile and then selecting Professional Development under the Content & Features section.  All of your ASPR educational programs are automatically entered into this transcript; however if you wish to add non-ASPR continuing education you may do so.   Click here for instructions on how to add non-ASPR CE Credits.  Select Print Transcript and you will be able to download a .pdf of all of your CE's.  Save the .pdf and you can then attach it to the application form.

You should complete the FASPR Recertification Application Form before your FASPR expiration date. You will receive reminders regarding your CE requirements two years, one year, and six months prior to your FASPR expiration date. You will have a three-month grace period from the time of FASPR expiration to submit the Form before you lose your FASPR certification status.

The FASPR Recertification Application Form will not require proof of CE Credits, but you will be expected to maintain documentation for all CE Credits reported on. You should retain copies of CE brochures, agendas, and certificates to demonstrate proof of CE Credits. 


Tracking CE Credits

You will be able to track your CE credits obtained from ASPR conferences or webinars at any time on the ASPR website in your  Professional Development section of your profile.  Click here to learn more on how to manage your CE Credits.  

You must maintain documentation for CE credits obtained from other approved organizations as these will not be included in your Member Profile. Random audits will be conducted at which time you will be required to provide documentation for any non-ASPR obtained CE credits.


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