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ASPR Weekly - November 26, 2013
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Don’t Delay! Deadline for Presentation Proposals is December 6

JASPR Feature: Bringing specialized care to a hospital near you

New Webinar Shows You How to Use the On-Demand Tracking Tool

CE and Fellowship Certificates Available in My ASPR

Past Webinars Available Free On Demand – Get CE Credit

Don’t Delay! Deadline for Presentation Proposals is December 6

Hurry! The deadline to submit your presentation proposal for the 2014 ASPR Annual Conference is approaching quickly! Annual Conference breakout sessions are designed to provide strategies, practical tips, and tools for improving processes and operations within the physician recruitment and retention profession. In order to ensure a balanced conference program, all submissions are reviewed, evaluated, and selected by the ASPR Education Committee.

Topics for proposals are listed in the Call for Presentations and fall into three Learning Tracks (Marketing and Sourcing, Trends in Healthcare/Health Policy, and Adding Value…Other Duties as Assigned).

Share your expertise with your colleagues or recommend someone to submit a presentation proposal. Presentation proposals must be submitted online via the ASPR website by Friday, December 6, 2013. Please feel free to contact ASPR Executive Director, Jennifer Metivier, FASPR, with any questions.

JASPR Feature: Bringing specialized care to a hospital near you

Telemedicine: Bringing specialized care to a hospital near you

By Crystal Peterson, Director, Physician Recruiting and Retention, Specialists On Call, Inc., Reston, VA

A 52-year-old mother of three is brought into the emergency department of an urban hospital, displaying symptoms of a stroke. Nurses and medical staff collect patient data and medical history, the ED physician orders a CT, and asks the nurse to page the on-call neurologist for a consultation.

Fifteen minutes later, a stroke-trained neurologist consults with the ED physician and the patient’s husband. The consultation exam shows the patient suffered a stroke and is a candidate for the clot dissolving drug tPA (tissue Plasminogen Activator), which is administered to the patient. Later that evening, the patient is admitted to the hospital for recovery and follow up care. Eleven hundred miles away, the neurologist who performed the consultation finishes his shift, turns off his video conferencing unit, and turns the case over to a neurologist three states away.

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New Webinar Shows You How to Use the On-Demand Tracking Tool

Are you struggling to keep track of your searches throughout the year? Do you wish there were an easier way than keeping everything in an excel file? Watch our new webinar and learn how to use the On-Demand Tracking Tool. The tool will allow you to enter all of your searches and continue to edit them throughout the year. You will have the ability to generate reports for your administration on all of your search activity. The On-Demand Tracking Tool will allow you to export your data at any time to show how many candidates you’ve received, interviews conducted, offers made and acceptances for each of your searches. As an added benefit, when the next Benchmarking Survey opens you will be able to conveniently upload all of the search data directly into the survey with very little time or effort.

How to Access the On-Demand Tracking Tool:
The On-Demand Tracking Tool is located in the ASPR Benchmarking Portal. If you have not already created a username and password you will need to do so (note these may be different from your ASPR username and password).

Once you log in for the first time you will be required to provide your contact information. After this step and for subsequent logins, you will see that the ASPR Benchmarking Portal offers three options:

  • On-Demand Tracking
  • Access Reports & Searchable Data (for previous surveys you have participated in or purchased)
  • Participate in the Survey (available only during survey months)

How to Use the On-Demand Tracking Tool:
Select the On-Demand Tracking option to begin and then select "Add Search” to complete the requested data for each search you conduct throughout the year. You have the ability to edit each search so you can update them later as your search efforts progress.

You will have the ability to print or export the data to excel at any time for all of the searches you have entered. When it is time for the next Benchmarking Survey cycle to begin, you will be able to easily and quickly upload the search data directly into the survey.

Start tracking your search data today. Generate valuable reports for your administration. Save yourself time and effort during the next Benchmarking Survey. Let’s get tracking!

Access the On-Demand Tracking Tool Webinar

Learn more about the ASPR Benchmarking Survey

CE and Fellowship Certificates Available in My ASPR

Tracking your Continuing Education credits? Need a certificate for your CE? Any educational programs offered by ASPR that you’ve attended are tracked in your My ASPR profile. Not only do you have access to a full listing of your ASPR CE programs in your profile, you can also print CE Certificates for the programs you attended.

In addition to being able to track CE and print CE certificates for the ASPR Annual Conference and ASPR Monthly Webinar Series, you will now also be able to print your Associate and Diplomate certificates for the Fellowship Program. The Fellow Certificate will continue to be mailed to members who complete the Certification program, but the Associate and Diplomate certificates are only available by downloading them from your My ASPR profile.

CE certificates will be available within two business days of the conference or webinar that you attended. Fellowship certificates will be available within one month of passing your exam.

You can view your CE credits, download your CE record, or print your CE and Fellowship certificates using the instructions below. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Jessica Gill.


  1. Log in to your membership portal at
  2. Select the Professional Development link at the top right.
  3. Review the items on the list for a quick record of your attendance and credits.
  4. Select the white paper icon next to the session to print a full certificate.
  5. Select the white paper icon at the top of the list to print an unofficial summary of CEs.

Update your profile and add your picture to your My ASPR Profile!

Past Webinars Available Free On Demand – Get CE Credit missed that ASPR Monthly Webinar that you really wanted to see? Don’t worry! You can view it on demand at any time. These free webinars are a cost effective and time efficient way to obtain continuing education to help you advance in your career. At work, at home, any time.

There are currently more than 30 webinars in the ASPR Webinar Archive. Get up-to-date information on topics like Using Metrics to Improve the Physician Recruitment Process, How Physicians Search for Jobs, Developing a Successful Physician Mentor Program, Building Your Professional Equity: How to Get Invited to the Executive Table and lots more! You’ll earn 1 to 1.5 CE hours for each webinar depending on the length. Take advantage today!

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