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Journal of ASPR - Winter 2014

ZDoggMD’s top three recruiting pet peeves

By Nancy Nigh, Vice President of Marketing, PracticeMatch Services, Saint Louis, MO

One thing is certain: healthcare is changing and it’s not just the Affordable Care Act that is changing it.

The 2014 PracticeMatch Educational Conference keynote speaker, Dr. Zubin Damania aka ZDoggMD, is an advocate for transforming healthcare. Apart from writing, performing and producing award-winning medical rap videos that serve to both educate and entertain; he’s a highly sought-after thought leader and speaker. In his TEDtalk from TEDMED 2013, ZDoggMD describes how well-intentioned people become zombie physicians after medical school. He stressed, "I went into medicine with all the best intentions. I played by all the rules. I checked all the boxes. And then when I arrived at what was supposed to be a fulfilling career, when I looked in the mirror all I saw was a disconnected, burned-out zombie with a stethoscope…covered in bacteria.”

So how are in-house physician recruiters supposed to reach and connect with burned-out zombie doctors? I recently had the opportunity to ask ZDoggMD about his top three physician recruiting pet peeves.
ZDoggMD’s top three physician recruiting pet peeves (all in good fun):

  1. "I HATE it when people cold call me on my cellphone. This applies to the Internal Revenue Service, my lawyer and even my wife…but it DEFINITELY applies to recruiters! Learn about email - it’s the 21st century already. Text a guy as a heads up…anything but cold calling.”
  2. "I HATE LinkedIn. I know, I know, it’s useful for networking and getting speaking gigs and for watching the tormented career path of ex-girlfriends, but when I get a LinkedIn message from a recruiter…POOF…it’s deleted before you can say ‘>500 connections’.”
  3. "I HATE those little mail postcards from recruiters that say, ‘Amazing outdoor lifestyle with competitive pay package and benefits! Mere hours away from major urban population center!’ They never list the actual town because the actual town is in the middle of NOWHERE and is run by a guy the locals call ‘Boss Hogg.’ Honestly, people. Just lay it out clear.”

ZDoggMD described the life of a physician in one of his many online parody videos about medicine called "It’s a hard doc’s life for us” sung to the tune from the musical, Annie. While ZDoggMD’s videos are meant to be funny, his intentions are serious. He believes medicine is about human relationships and is in the process of creating a new practice in Las Vegas, which focuses on promoting wellness for patients both in the practice and in the community. He is breaking out of the zombie physician cycle to create a healthcare culture that is more fulfilling for everyone involved.

So it turns out, all we need to do to connect with physicians is to focus on the human relationship. Thanks for the advice ZDoggMD!

Dr. Zubin Damania is ZDoggMD – "a physician, off-white rapper and the founder of Turntable Health.” For more information on Turntable Health, or to see ZDoggMD’s medical parody videos, visit his website at

ZDoggMD is the keynote speaker at the upcoming PracticeMatch Educational Conference, March 2-5, 2014, in San Diego, Calif. For more information about the PracticeMatch Educational Conference, visit: or contact Nancy Nigh at 314-485-6612 or

Damania, Z. (Speaker). (2013). TEDMED 2013. Are zombie doctors taking over America? Podcast retrieved from

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