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ASPR Weekly - March 18, 2014

2014 ASPR Board of Directors call for nominations closes April 1

Benchmarking survey closes March 31: Just two weeks left to participate!

Give a little, get a lot – become an ASPR volunteer

Webinar next week: Coaching for successful interviews

Antitrust: Protect yourself and ASPR

2014 ASPR Board of Directors call for nominations closes April 1 ASPR Board of Directors call for nominations closes April 1!

This year we will elect the Secretary and two Members at Large.The Members at Large positions up for election are the Vice President of Engagement and the Vice President of Governance. The terms for these positions will begin in August 2014 and end in May 2016. The reason for the term ending in May 2016 is due to the transition of the ASPR Annual Conference from August to May. The official transition of Board Members occurs at the ASPR Annual Business Meeting, which is held at the Annual Conference.

General Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for nomination and election to the ASPR Board, candidates must be ASPR members in good standing for a minimum of one year prior to the election. Candidates must also be current active members on at least one ASPR Committee for at least 12 months prior to the Call for Nominations. Active committee participation is defined as attending 75 percent of the committee meetings (a waiver may be granted in recognition of contributions made outside of committee meetings for those that may not meet the 75 percent requirement). Board Members must be willing and able to travel to leadership meetings and the Annual Conference (expenses reimbursed), attend monthly Board Meetings via phone, and carry out the duties and responsibilities delineated in the official job description.

Additional position specific eligibility criteria must also be met due to the newly defined roles and responsibilities that resulted from the recent governance restructure:


  • ASPR member for a minimum of three years


  • Familiarity with Roberts Rules of Order
  • Experience dealing with ethics complaints and resolution
  • Fellowship certification
  • Demonstrated leadership experience
  • Served as a Board member or Committee Chair of ASPR or one of its Chapters

Vice President – Engagement

  • ASPR member for a minimum of three years
  • Experience leading marketing and branding initiatives


  • Knowledge of social media and other electronic communication platforms
  • Understanding of website design, search engine optimization and website analytics
  • Fellowship certification
  • Served as a Board member or Committee Chair of ASPR or one of its Chapters

Vice President – Governance

  • ASPR member for a minimum of three years
  • Served as a Board member or Committee Chair of ASPR or one of its Chapters


  • Experience developing policies and procedures
  • Experience with nomination and election processes
  • Experience with development and implementation of onboarding programs
  • Fellowship certification
  • Demonstrated leadership experience

Job descriptions

Vice President – Engagement
Vice President – Governance

Important Dates

Nomination Due Date: April 1, 2014
Ballots/Candidate Bios E-mailed: May 27, 2014
Ballot Due Date: June 10, 2014
Winners Notified: June 13, 2014
Results Announced: June 17, 2014

To submit a nomination, please complete the Nomination Form online. All nominations are due by 5 p.m. CST April 1, 2014. You may nominate yourself or another eligible member of ASPR. Before nominating someone else, please make sure that he or she meets the general and position specific eligibility criteria and is agreeable to serving if elected.

If you have any questions regarding the Election process, please email ASPR Executive Director, Jennifer Metivier, M.S., FASPR or call 800-830-ASPR (2777).

Benchmarking survey closes March 31: Just two weeks left to participate!

Description:’s not too late – you still have time to enter your data into the only survey just for in-house physician recruitment professionals!

The 2014 ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Survey closes March 31. Your participation in the 2014 ASPR Benchmarking Survey ensures that your information is included in ASPR Benchmarking Report. All survey participants will receive a complimentary copy of the Report which will allow you to:

  • Access all data reported from recruiters nationally.
  • Search data from comparable organizations, populations, region, etc.
  • Drill down compensation data by education, title, supervisory responsibilities, certifications, etc.
  • Compare up to three data sets side by side.
  • Export data for report generation or quick chart creation in Excel.

For those of you who have started the survey, but have not yet completed it, please take this time to wrap up any outstanding issues. Please be sure that your HR representatives have completed their portion of the compensation section in order for your survey to be complete.

If you have any questions, remember you can also submit questions utilizing the Benchmarking Q&A Form.

Visit for more information.

Visit to participate!

Give a little, get a lot – become an ASPR volunteer is a volunteer-led organization and we are always looking for dedicated individuals to volunteer their time. Volunteering can offer you a very rewarding experience! You’ll have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and acquire new skills and experience to add to your resume. Some of our current volunteer openings require only a small investment of your time – but you’ll reap huge benefits! You’ll have an opportunity to network with colleagues from across the country that have knowledge, skills, and insight that may provide ideas and solutions to enhance your work within your own organization. And we’re pretty sure you’ll make some new friends along the way!

Our Volunteer Job Board lists all of the current volunteer opportunities available. Here are a few of the volunteer jobs currently open:

Membership Application Reviewer
The Membership Application Reviewer will assist the Membership Committee with reviewing new ASPR member and member renewal applications to ensure that members meet ASPR membership eligibility criteria. Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis. Volunteers may assist for one month or longer depending on availability and interest.

The Research section is looking for volunteers to assist in developing reports from survey data. Volunteers with an interest in writing, surveys, data analysis and/or research are needed.

ASPR is looking for volunteers to write articles for the Journal of ASPR (JASPR). Articles will include industry related information and other newsworthy information.

Do you have an area of interest that isn’t listed? Then sign up using our Volunteer Match and we will contact you when we have a position available that meets your skills and interest.

If you have any questions about getting involved and volunteering for your professional association, please email Jennifer Metivier, FASPR. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Webinar next week: Coaching for successful interviews

Register today for this FREE webinar March 26 at 1 p.m. EST. Can’t make it? View it later on demand!

Presenter: Sheri Shaw, Physician & Advanced Provider Recruiter, Indiana University Health Physicians

Sponsored by: Description: HealthcareSource

Have you ever had someone at your organization ask an inappropriate or even illegal question during a physician interview? Does your interview team ask the same questions over and over boring your candidates and requiring them to repeat themselves? Do they understand what questions will best elicit needed information from your candidates?

A successful physician interview requires the concerted efforts of many players. Everyone involved must know their part and how they fit into the big picture. Pregame planning is a necessity. This session will review interviewing techniques that you and others in your organization may use resulting in successful interviews for both you and your candidates.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to utilize behavioral interviewing
  • Learn what questions are illegal
  • Obtain tips on developing a seamless interview without repetition of questions
  • Learn how to coach interviewers on best interviewing techniques

Antitrust: Protect yourself and ASPR has an Antitrust Policy that all members should be familiar with. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that our association and our members abide by federal antitrust laws. Violating antitrust law on the ASPR Chat Listserv puts you, your employer and ASPR at risk for CRIMINAL and/or CIVIL litigation. While ASPR does monitor the Listserv, each member should know what is permissible to discuss on Chat, especially as it relates to antitrust law.

On Chat, there is a common misconception that if dollar amounts are not shared, the question and answers are safe. That is not the case. Please realize that any information that is shared regarding your compensation/incentive package details – either the amounts or the STRUCTURE – is a VIOLATION of the ASPR Antitrust Policy. Asking a question or answering it will result in you receiving a notice that you’ve violated the Chat Code of Conduct.

The Antitrust Policy and Chat Code of Conduct prohibit messages about compensation, compensation models, benefits, call pay, contract details, recruitment firm fees and more. Anything in a contract that can differ from one organization to another is off-limits. This includes salary, pay-structure, benefits, bonuses, productivity measures, definitions of full and part-time, shift differentials, stipends and more. On vendor contracts, discussions should be avoided if they include questions about rates, negotiated trial periods, payment arrangements or buyout fees. Seemingly innocent Chat discussions asking about what or how others structure compensation or benefits, or comments about the practices of others could be construed as a conversation intended to encourage a conspiracy (agreement) to fix prices, encourage a boycott or otherwise illegally restrict trade.

The questions below are examples of discussions that are prohibited by the ASPR Antitrust Policy and would be a violation of the Chat Code of Conduct:

"Does your organization require non-competes for X specialty?”

"What specialties are you currently paying providers to take call?”

"What compensation method are you using to pay X specialty – base plus incentive, production model, etc.?”

"When do you pay sign on bonuses?”

"How does your organization define full-time employment?”

"What do you pay physicians to supervise advanced practitioners?”

"Has anyone used X firm? I was offered a rate of $X. Is that the going rate?”

"How does your organization administer loan payment?”

"What is the going rate for this service?”

This is certainly not an exhaustive list but should give you an idea of the types of things that could be scrutinized. In addition to avoiding questions that would violate the Antitrust Policy, Chat users should be aware that solicitation of business from other members based on information obtained from ASPR Chat or attendance at ASPR educational events/programs is strictly prohibited. ASPR Chat messages are to be read and utilized by ASPR members only, so do not forward, print or otherwise relay information from the Chat outside of your organization.

If you have a question that you would like to post on Chat and are unsure if it violates the Antitrust Policy or Chat Code of Conduct, you may send the question to Jennifer Metivier who will share it with the Ethics Committee for review and feedback. You may also review the on demand webinar on antitrust for a more in-depth review of antitrust regulations.

View the Antitrust 101 Webinar in the On Demand Webinar Archive

Important Dates
Webinar: Coaching for Successful Interviews

Webinar: How to Analyze and Use ASPR Benchmarking Survey Results

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