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Final Results
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Final Results

The results of the ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking survey are accessible through the Benchmarking Survey Portal in the formats listed below. Participants and purchasers will have permanent access to data for the year in which they participated/purchased. While ASPR has not yet established the length of time data will be housed online, it is expected that a minimum of three year's data will be maintained.

We encourage participants/purchasers to export or print crucial information for historical purposes.

ASPR In-house Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report is a detailed analysis of key statistics experienced by in-house physician recruiters nationally. The Benchmarking Report includes a compilation and analysis of each section of the Benchmarking Survey:

  • Employing organizations
  • Active searches performed during a calendar year
  • In-house recruiter profile statistics
  • Compensation data of in-house recruiters.

This data is compiled into an Adobe document that can be saved or printed.  Regardless of the output selected, the final report will remain housed online and accessible to participants or purchasers.  Participants receive free access to this report, while non-participants may purchase through the ASPR website.

Organization Benchmarking Report (OBR) is an analysis of an organization's submitted survey data compared to national results.  An organization's data is compared in the following categories:

  • All participants nationally
  • Like-sized populations
  • Those with a similar number of employed physicians
  • Those with a similar number of recruiters in a department
  • Those in the same geographic location (Western, Eastern, Southern, or Midwest).  

This comparative analysis is unique to the participating organization and available only to survey participants.  It may not be purchased by a non-participant nor accessed by other survey participants.  The report may be viewed online or exported into an Excel Spreadsheet.  

Searchable Results is an interactive application that allows users to sort through the entire survey dataset, establishing their own criteria for data analysis.   Users of Searchable Results are able to customize their own data cuts to create benchmarks that most closely match their circumstances or areas of interests. For example, a searchable results user could create survey results based on a specific population size and geographic region, whereas the Benchmarking Report provides only single-level cuts (e.g., population size). The Searchable Results program will prove particularly useful when searching for specific pieces of information. Any question asked in the survey may be established as criteria for a data slice that may or may not be found in the Benchmarking Report.  Searchable Results is available free to participants.  Access for non-participants may be purchased through the ASPR website.  

Please note:  All searchable results are subject to sampling requirements established by ASPR in compliance with Anti-Trust and Safe Harbor reporting guidelines.  See Anti-Trust/Safe Harbor statement.

Anti-Trust and Safe Harbor Statement

In order to protect participant confidentiality, ASPR has established standards by which data is reportable in compliance with Anti-Trust and Safe-Harbor guidelines.  ASPR Benchmarking Survey data is only displayed when results are able to be drawn from a minimum of five unique organizations (seven organizations is required to display percentiles).  Additionally, results will not be displayed if a single organization represents more than 40% of the reported values for a data grouping.  An asterisk (*) replaces the value for all cases in which the data sampling fails to meet both requirements.  


Data and reports, in all formats, are copyrighted by the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR).  Report and data may not be copied, shared, accessed, or distributed to other parties without the written permission from ASPR.  

ASPR data may be cited/referenced utilizing the following language, “Data obtained from the 2010 ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report.”



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