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2012 ASPR Conference Media Information
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Media Information

The 2012 ASPR Conference will be held in Los Angelese, CA August 12-15.

To be eligible for a complimentary press pass* to the ASPR 2012 Annual Conference, an individual must be:

  • Employed by a newspaper, magazine, Internet, radio or television company to gather and report news;
  • A current writer of editorial content for an existing press outlet valued by ASPR;
  • Either a full-time salaried employee of a media outlet or freelancing full-time for one or more media outlets;
  • Attending the event with the sole intent of generating coverage of the event, or building source lists of ASPR members and speakers to use in future coverage of health care business; and
  • Able to present a business card indicating an editorial role or an article with byline credit.

* ASPR will generally offer only one complimentary press pass per media outlet if the above criteria are met.

Please send any press pass requests to Julie Cygan at

Possible Story Ideas

How is the physician shortage impacting ER waiting time?
Billboards around the country are announcing ER waiting times. Physician shortages are one of the main reasons we are all waiting for care. The lack of general practitioners is also impacting patients across the country. How are hospitals addressing the physician shortage and its impact on quality of care?

Is there a doctor in the house?
Astronomical medical school costs and the future of healthcare policies are just a couple of the issues impacting the number of doctors available to serve an aging population. Rural area hospitals and urban state-run medical centers with large Medicaid populations are not the only healthcare providers having a tough time recruiting doctors. How are hospitals keeping up with demand?

Is Gen Y’s focus on life balance impacting your ability to find a doctor?
A big paycheck and a good tee-time are no longer at the top of the list for young doctors looking for employment. Having skilled recruiters who know what new doctors are looking for in an employer is key to attracting quality physicians. How is the healthcare workforce changing in the new millennium?

What is a doctor worth? Is it a matter of the heart?
Physician compensation is a hot topic not only for hospital administrators, but also for patients. The patient population in any given region is one of many factors that dictates what a doctor is worth. Is a geriatric physician more valuable in Florida than in Utah?

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2012 Conference Details


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