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For Physicians – A Guide to Preparing Your CV and Cover Letter!

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Preparing your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the first step in the important process of identifying the right career opportunity. A quality CV should reflect your academic training and provide an indication of both your professional and personal interests. The information below will help guide you in preparing a quality CV.

Keep in mind as you write your CV that you should be comprehensive, but not too verbose. Do not include your Social Security number or date of birth – these items could contribute to problems with identity theft. Only include phone numbers at which you are willing to be contacted; if you don’t want physician recruiters to call you at home, only provide your cell phone number. Be concise- a CV is typically no longer than three pages. Keep it relevant. List experience and training that is pertinent to your career as a physician. You should not leave any gaps in chronology. If you took a leave of absence from training, explain it. Keep your CV updated. You should always PROOF READ! Ask your Residency/Fellowship Director to review your CV.

Including a cover letter makes a great first impression! Make your cover letter personal - address it to the hiring physician or the hospital physician recruiter. Your cover letter can be in the form of an email. Write a specific letter for each job and reference why you are interested in the practice and location. Describe your skills and interests as they relate to the specific job. Be brief, positive and confident. And again, PROOF READ!

Tip - Create a new email account specificlly for your job search
What You Should Include on Your CV (in order):

  • Contact information: Address, phone, email
  • Education and Training (include start & completion dates)
    • Fellowship
    • Residency
    • Medical School
    • Undergraduate
  • Employment / Work experience
    • Provide chronological accounting with dates
    • Include military experience
    • Include hospital medical affiliations with dates
  • Academic and teaching experience
  • Certification(s)
  • License(s) - State and expiration dates
  • Professional Memberships and affiliations
  • Clinical research
  • Publications/Abstracts/Presentations
  • Visa Status
  • Personal information such as hobbies, interests, family

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