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For Physicians – The Job Hunt: A Guide to Identifying Job Opportunities!

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) has been perfected. Now you are ready to begin identifying the best job opportunities. The first thing you need to do is prioritize your “must haves” and “nice to haves”. Geographical location, type of practice (solo or group, hospital-employed or private practice, academic, etc.), call schedule, and compensation are the professional issues that first come to mind. Don’t forget other key issues such as what other specialties are available in the community to support you in your practice and how long the wait times are to refer your patients.

Identifying your ideal job not only involves assessing and prioritizing your professional needs, it involves assessing and prioritizing your personal needs as well. Determine your ideal community—do you want metro, suburban, or rural? Do you want to live near your or your significant other’s family? Make a list of the leisure and cultural opportunities that are important to you and your family. Are these available in the region where you are seeking a job? Relocating is often a family affair, so job opportunities for your significant other may be an important factor to consider as well. It is critical that you prioritize both your personal and professional needs in order to identify the best job opportunities.

Where To Look For Jobs:

  • Contact in-house physician recruitment professionals – they have direct knowledge of position details. The Association of Staff Physician Recruiters is a great free resource to identify who the in-house physician recruitment professionals are in your preferred areas
  • Contact hospitals in the states or regions you are interested in relocating to
  • Network with colleagues – they may know of positions that you would be interested in
  • Talk to Residency Directors/Coordinators – job postings are sent to them routinely
  • Specialty-specific association websites
  • Hospital websites
  • Scour Journal ads – both in print and online (Tip: online ads are generally more recent than print ads)
  • Read your emails, letters, and postcards that are sent to you
  • Attend specialty conference exhibits and Job Fairs


Create a new email address for your job search! Many databases allow you to provide your CV and contact information to be notified of jobs matching your criteria. A specific email account for your job search will centralize the emails, keep you focused on your job search, and help keep your personal email account uncluttered.

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