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Journal of ASPR - Spring 2012 - ASPR Leadership Profile: Christopher Kashnig
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ASPR Leadership Profile

By Lori Jackson Norris, Physician Recruiter, CHW/Arizona

This is part of a series profiling ASPR Board members and leaders.

Spotlight on Chris Kashnig, FASPR, Chapter & Regional Relations Co-Chair

Laura ScreeneyWhen did your current committee term begin? August 2011

What is your current title at work? Manager, Medical Staff Services

Which organization do you work for? Dean Clinic, Madison, WI

What do your responsibilities include? I spend the vast amount of my time recruiting physicians. I am one of five physician recruiters at Dean Clinic. Over my recruiting career I have recruited all specialties, but now I am limited to primary care, neurology, and neurosurgery.

How long have you been recruiting physicians? 25 years.

How long have you been an ASPR member? 17 years, I think.

What is the best part of being an ASPR member? ASPR offers excellent continuing education and networking opportunities. It helps recruiters stay on the cutting edge of the field.

Why is it important to you to serve as an ASPR Committee Member? I have really enjoyed being involved in the regional associations in Wisconsin and Illinois. (I have worked in both states.) As co-chair of this committee, I am able to share our experiences with recruiters around the country and encourage chapter formation. This is especially important for recruiters who work in very isolated settings.

What do you think are the one or two most important attributes of a successful Physician Recruitment Professional? I think the most important thing a physician recruiter can do to become successful is to learn how to balance the needs, demands, and expectations of the candidate with the needs, demands, and expectations of the organization.

What brief advice would you give to a new physician recruiter? Two things: Become highly organized and learn the basics of what the various medical specialists do.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing physician recruitment today? Finding physicians who will be successful in your organization’s culture.

If you could have lunch with anyone past or present, who would it be and why? I would like to have a beer with President Obama. He seems to have an ever-present amount of energy. I would like to know his secret.

Name one interesting thing many of your colleagues may not know about you. I was a certified aerobics instructor from 1998 to 2006.

What do you believe to be the greatest invention in your lifetime so far? The personal computer. It is the great equalizer for information exchange.

What was the last book you read or movie you saw? I recently read the autobiography of William Douglas, who was a Supreme Court Justice from 1939-1975. What a cool guy!

Do you have a favorite hobby or pastime? I like to work out. In addition, I follow the football exploits of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Green Bay Packers very closely.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto? Just do it.

Anything else you would like us to know? Healthcare changes all the time. Successful recruiters will do well to anticipate, enjoy, and plan for change.

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Journal of ASPR - Spring 2012

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