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ASPR Weekly - June 12, 2012
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ASPR Weekly

June 12, 2012

Board of Directors Election: Cast Your Ballot By June 19

2012 ASPR Member Survey

Chat Code of Conduct Update

Annual Conference Sneak Peak - Adding Value: Your Assignment if You Choose to Accept

Congratulations to ASPR Fellows

Question of the Week: Presentations at Residency Programs


Board of Directors Election: Cast Your Ballot By June 19

The ASPR Board of Directors Election is now open.  This year we will be electing a Secretary and two Members-at-Large.  The following candidates are running for the open positions, please click on their name to view their Candidate Biography:

Donna Ecclestone, FASPR

Member at Large:
Frank Gallagher
Robin Schiffer
Laura Screeney, FASPR
Sharee Selah

Online voting via the ASPR website will occur between June 5 and June 19, 2012. Ballots will be tabulated by the ASPR staff under the supervision of the Board. The results will be announced soon after by Scott Manning, ASPR President, on behalf of the Board of Directors.

All ballots must be cast online by 5:00 PM CST June 19.  Cast your vote today!

Cast your ballot

2012 ASPR Member Survey

We invite you to please participate in the 2012 ASPR Member Survey. The survey should not take more than 5-10 minutes at most to complete. Your participation will allow us to utilize your feedback and suggestions to provide you with the most valuable member benefits. Please complete the survey by June 29.

Participate in the 2012 ASPR Member Survey

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback. Thank you for your participation!

Chat Code of Conduct Update

ASPR Chat is a member benefit provided for the exclusive use of ASPR members in the Individual, Allied, Honorary, and Interim membership categories. Questions and exchanges of information on ASPR Chat are intended for educational and networking purposes.

By joining and using ASPR’s Chat service (Listserv), you agree that you have read and will comply with the ASPR Chat Code of Conduct, ASPR Code of Ethics, and the ASPR Antitrust Policy. Each participant agrees to indemnify and hold ASPR harmless for all claims, potential claims, causes of actions, lawsuits or any other consequences, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, in all respects whatsoever.

Violations of the ASPR Chat Code of Conduct will subject the user to disciplinary actions by ASPR including, but not limited to, suspension or expulsion from ASPR chat, or in the case of gross misconduct, a forfeiture of ASPR membership. ASPR does not actively monitor or censor the site for inappropriate postings. However, if inappropriate posting is brought to ASPR’s attention, ASPR will take all appropriate action.

Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with these important rules governing behavior on ASPR Chat. If you have questions, contact Jessica Gill at ASPR at

  • All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited.
  • Interact with Chat members in a respectful, professional, and ethical manner.
  • Do not post anything in a listserv message you would not want the world to see or anyone to know came from you.
  • Do not forward, print and send or otherwise relay information from the Chat outside of your organization. ASPR Chat messages are to be read and utilized by ASPR members ONLY.
  • Do not include anyone in your emails to Chat in the “to” or “cc” or “bcc”. This could result in that person receiving all replies to your email which is a violation of the Chat Code of Conduct.
  • Do not challenge or attack others. The discussions on the lists are meant to stimulate conversation, not create contention.
  • Do not discuss salaries, prices, pricing strategies, restrictions on advertising, maintaining the profitability of a profession or industry, terms or conditions of sale, minimizing discounts, gifts or promotions, profits, profit margins, cost data, market share, sales territories, customers or selection, rejection, or termination of customers or suppliers (per the ASPR Anti-trust Policy)
  • Do not share copyrighted information from any sources (e.g. MGMA or AMGA salary surveys). According to copyright law, documents created while in the employment of another organization belong to that organization. 
  • Do not share documents that you do not have authorization to share.  It is best to only share documents from your current organization that you have permission to share.  You may also consider removing your organization’s identifying information from the document prior to sharing it.
  • Use caution when discussing products or services, and the companies providing such products and services. Information posted on the lists is available for all to see, and comments are subject to libel, slander, and antitrust laws. However, feel free to explain your situation regarding products, services and companies while avoiding unflattering labels. Think behavioral interviewing: what happened, who did what and the outcome.
  • Solicitation of business from other members based on information obtained from ASPR Chat or attendance at ASPR educational events/programs is strictly prohibited.
  • If you endorse a company, service, or product and have a financial arrangement with the company, you must disclose that financial arrangement as part of your endorsement.
  • Include a signature tag on all messages. Include your name, organization, phone, address (including city, state and zip), and email address.
  • Only send a message to the entire list when it contains information from which everyone can benefit. Send messages such as "thanks for the information" or "me, too" directly to individuals--not the entire list. (Reply vs Reply to All)
  • Please turn off the read receipt function.

Annual Conference Sneak Peak - Adding Value: Your Assignment if You Choose to Accept

The 2012 ASPR Annual Conference registration is open. Take advantage of early bird pricing and register by July 13th.  Here is a sneak peak at the topics in the Mission imPossible themed Learning Track “Adding Value: Your Assignment if You Choose to Accept”.

Physician Stress and Burnout: Cause, Effect, Cost and what Can Be Done About it
Alan Rosenstein, Physician Wellness Services; Vivian Luce, Cejka Search
It’s a well-known fact that physicians are increasingly stressed and burned out. It’s an issue that impacts their work performance and patient safety, as well as their job satisfaction. In 2011, Physician Wellness Services and Cejka Search conducted an in-depth, nationwide, multi-specialty survey on stress and burnout in physicians. This session will discuss the results that provide in-depth insight into what can be done to understand and address stress and burnout in physicians.

Physician Needs Are More Than a Matter of Ratios
Jennifer Moody, AmeriMed Consulting
Justifying physician recruitment need can be a tough job, particularly when generic physician-to-population ratios won’t support the need you know exists! Fortunately other methodologies and legal standards do exist but they require physician collaboration, consistent documentation, and a bit of elbow grease. This session will provide you with knowledge on additional data sources and ideas to build a robust physician manpower plan for your organization.

Leadership Engagement: Your Best Recruitment Tool
Pam Hitchens, Alegent Health
High-quality physicians are essential to the growth and success of a healthcare organization. Without engaged, vested physicians and leaders, healthcare organizations will be significantly handicapped in their efforts to meet tomorrow’s recruitment challenges today. In this session, participants will examine key factors to obtaining a partnership with physicians and administrators in the physician recruitment process. Participants will also learn strategies for coaching leadership in their integral role in recruiting the best physicians for their organization.

The Partial Changing Face of GME: A Comparison of 2000 and 2010
Christopher Kashnig, FASPR, Dean Clinic
There are currently 111,500 residents and fellows in Graduate Medical Education programs throughout the country. This presentation will examine changes in the makeup of five sub-groups of physicians in training over the period of 2000-2010. International Medical Graduates, women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Doctors of Osteopathy will be discussed. This session will also review the significant impact these changes will have on medical staff planning in the near future.

Understanding Physician Credentialing, Compliance and Screening
Raymond Jacobs, Verisys Corporation
This session will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of credentialing, background screening and compliance as it relates to vetting a physician for employment and or appointment. Details include best practices pertaining to: Scope of services available, methods and techniques, how information should be sourced and how to evaluate and manage after due diligence has been completed.

Download the Annual Conference brochure and register today for the 2012 ASPR Annual Conference!

Congratulations to ASPR Fellows

Congratulations to Jake Shimansky from Home Physicians in Chicago, IL and to Terese Lagattuta and Victor Ramirez from Catholic Health System in Buffalo, NY for becoming certified as Fellows of ASPR (FASPRs)!

As a certified Fellow of ASPR (FASPR), you demonstrate to peers, employers, and physicians your commitment to continuing education and excellence in the discipline of physician recruitment.

Are you interested in becoming certified as a FASPR?  ASPR’s Fellowship Program is the most comprehensive, authoritative resource for individuals seeking to develop and test their skills and knowledge within a broad spectrum of topics including physician/provider recruitment, onboarding and retention, human resources, and relevant legal issues.

Whether you are new to in-house physician recruitment or a seasoned veteran, there’s tremendous value in attaining Fellowship certification. We’ll provide an in-depth view of recruiting basics such as sourcing, screening, and interviewing, as well as delve deeply into more advanced topics such as interpreting benchmarking metrics and understanding/ implementing medical staff development plans. This cost effective and affordable program provides invaluable first-hand information taught by experienced experts and provides you with resources, best practices, and cutting edge training specific to in-house physician recruitment professionals.

Learn more

Question of the Week: Presentations at Residency Programs

This week’s Question of the Week is, Do you or someone in your department present to residency and/or fellowship programs to assist them with their job search as they transition from training to practice?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Answer the Question of the Week

This is an opportune time to remind you that ASPR has resources available to you to help you provide presentations to residents and fellows on a variety of topics to assist them in their job search.  Powerpoint Presentations and other resources for physicians are available on our website in the Member Resources Toolbox.  We hope you are able to take advantage of them to make your job easier.

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ASPR Live Webinar Series — Trends in Video-Enabled Interviewing
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