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Journal of ASPR - Winter 2013 - Mentor program is mutually beneficial
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Mentor program is mutually beneficial

By Maddie Wagner, FASPR, CMSR, ASPR Membership Committee Co-Chair, Reading Health System, Reading, PA,

Ask any mentee and you are sure to hear positive stories about how they benefited — personally or professionally — from having a mentor. But consider this…the experience can be just as beneficial for the mentor!

In the process of teaching someone else, you will learn. Everyone has talents and skills, regardless of the amount of recruiting experience they have. You may be surprised that you can teach an “old dog” some new tricks — perhaps a new job-specific skill, people-development skills, or how to use the latest and greatest technology. David Andrick from Wilson Memorial Hospital says, “Mentoring gives you the opportunity to be instrumental in the success and development of a fellow physician recruitment professional! You are allowed to share in their success and professional growth. It has also been my experience that I have learned from the people that I have mentored — which is always good! Thus you tend to grow in your own professional development.”

Chris Kashnig, lead senior medical staff services specialist at Dean Clinic, agrees wholeheartedly. “I learn from the experience too. I, like anyone, can easily fall into a routine. New recruiters frequently bring forth new ideas and they are very welcome.” Kashnig recently connected with his new mentee and they have already laid the foundation of a great relationship and have a number of topics they will discuss during their monthly calls. While covering the hot topics in the healthcare world, you may even surprise yourself by how much you know, so mentoring can help you validate your own knowledge base.

As a mentor, you’ll have an opportunity to “pay it forward.” Perhaps you had a mentor who was instrumental in your career development. If so, by being a mentor now, you have the opportunity to give something back and help someone who is new to the industry. Mentor Louis Caligiuri, director of physician contracting and recruiting at North Shore Physicians Group, is ready to give back and is now sharing his knowledge with a new ASPR member. “When I joined ASPR I was mentored by Rhonda Creeger from Carillion Health and the experience was very helpful to me and assisted in my development as a physician recruiter. I want to be able to repay the favor that was done for me and be available to assist a new ASPR member and share my knowledge of physician recruiting.”

Dennis Burns, physician recruiter at Evangelical Community Hospital, is also sharing the wealth of knowledge he has gained over the years and is helping others with the challenges they face as physician recruiters. Burns encourages others to get involved, “You come from a unique history, a history all your own, and that has made you strong. Perhaps it is time to share that strength with others.”

If you’d like to be an ASPR mentor, visit our website to complete an application.

Journal of ASPR - Winter 2013

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