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ASPR Weekly - February 26, 2013
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ASPR Weekly

February 26, 2013

One Month Left to Participate in the ASPR Benchmarking Survey

JASPR Feature: Visa Sponsorship Requires Planning

Webinar Tomorrow – “Communication Magic”: How to Erase Conflicts and Confrontations in Recruitment—And in Your Life!

In Memoriam of Our Colleague Susan Cook

One Month Left to Participate in the ASPR Benchmarking Survey

The 2013 ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Survey will be open through the end of March. You have approximately one month left to participate in the industry’s largest survey of in-house physician recruitment departments. Are you wondering what people are doing with this benchmarking data? Here are some examples of ways you can utilize benchmarking data to help evaluate your physician recruitment program:


How to Use It

Average number of searches conducted per recruiter

Justification for hiring additional physician recruitment professionals. Knowing the median number of searches per recruiter is 15 and you are conducting 50 may provide justification for additional staffing.

Physician Recruiter Compensation

Justification for compensation adjustments or hiring an additional recruiter.

Average number of interviews, offers, and hires per search and percent of positions filled

Opportunity to identify and evaluate physician recruitment processes that may be refined in order to improve outcomes in these areas.
Additional screening methods, better interview formats, more streamlined offer processes, improved compensation packages, etc. could all result in fewer interviews and offers required to fill the search and improve your chances of filling the search overall.

Time to fill a search

Opportunity to identify time delays in the recruitment process. Is the lead physician slow with contacting the physician or conducting reference checks? Is the offer going out too late? Are you recruiting for twice as many searches as the national norm? All of these can impact the time to complete a search.

Top specialty searches

Provides market demand data and evidence of which specialties are highly sought after. This information helps you and your administration understand that some specialty searches will be more difficult and take longer to recruit.

Source of hires

Assists in determination of where to spend your budget. Internet job boards are the top sourcing methodology; organizational websites are among the top three – use this information to spend your marketing dollars appropriately.

Many in-house physician recruitment professionals are concerned that if their data is not comparable to the national averages, they may look bad in the eyes of their administration. The reality is that there are too many variables involved in the recruitment process to imagine any one person is responsible for success. Recruitment is very much a “team sport”. It is important to evaluate the innumerable factors that result in successful placement; many of which lie outside the control of individual recruiters or the department. In most cases, efficiencies may be gained at any point in the recruitment process. It only requires a willingness to objectively assess the entire scope of recruitment – identify obstacles, educate staff, and facilitate solutions – in order to be effective.

So where do you start? By participating in the 2013 ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Survey. The Survey is open through the end of March.

Learn more about the Survey

Participate in the 2013 Survey

Purchase/Access the 2012 Final Report and Searchable Data

JASPR Feature: Visa Sponsorship Requires Planning

Visa sponsorship requires planning

By Heather Sivaraman, Attorney at Law, Law Offices of Dayna Kelly, Carrboro, NC

Currently comprising a quarter of the US physician workforce, international medical graduate (IMG) physicians are an essential group to consider for recruitment purposes, particularly for positions located in geographic areas with limited applicant pools.

Recruiting IMG physicians can be complex and daunting. This article will provide you with an overview of the most common sponsorship process for IMG candidates who complete graduate medical education (GME) in J-1 visa status. Understanding what is involved in visa sponsorship of J-1 candidates will give you confidence in your ability to determine whether your organization can utilize these valuable recruits.

Read more

Webinar Tomorrow – “Communication Magic”: How to Erase Conflicts and Confrontations in Recruitment—And in Your Life!

Register today for this FREE webinar held February 27 at 1:00 PM EST. Can’t make it? View it later On Demand!

Speaker: Judy Rosman, JD, President, RosmanSearch, Inc.

Sponsored by: PracticeLink

As a recruiter, you are often set up to deal with conflicts or confrontations. Your hospital may not be interested in a physician candidate, and you need to deliver the news. You may be required to ask busy physicians for paperwork they have no desire to fill out. You may have to tell an upset physician that a job offer is being revoked because of professional problems or bad references which the candidate would rather not acknowledge (or may not know about!). Or you may have to tell your C-level executives why you have no good candidates for a particular position you are trying to fill. Learning how to best manage frustration, conflict and confrontation in a way that preserves great relationships, even when others are going to be disappointed or upset, is a skill that will help you as a recruiter and in life! In this webinar, we will learn important strategies for managing people’s frustrations and disappointments, as well as how to turn things around to focus on productive actions and behaviors that will keep your recruitment process running smoothly! This webinar will offer strategies that can help ease the painful parts of recruiting, potentially save you from trouble at work, and may even save your important relationships at home!

Would you like to learn how to perform the following magic tricks?

  • Respond to complaints from candidates, physicians, and administrators (and anyone else!) in a way that makes the complainer always feel better
  • Respond to someone who blames you for things in a way that will make them feel friendly toward you
  • Avoid getting into an argument, even when you disagree or you are upset
  • Get out of an argument gracefully if you are in one
  • Use silence to avoid an uncomfortable discussion
  • Create positive action when someone has made a mistake or has not followed through with what they were supposed to do
  • Interact with someone you just know you won’t or don’t like in a positive way
  • Say “no” without upsetting anyone
  • End a conversation with a candidate who won’t stop talking, without appearing rude
  • Deliver bad news without making the recipient upset with you
  • Persuade others to take the actions that must be taken in order to make the recruitment successful

Knowing what to say in difficult situations will ease you through difficult conversations and help you win friends and respect from co-workers, administrators, executives and candidates! Join the fun in learning “Communication Magic!”

Register today!

In Memoriam of Our Colleague Susan Cook is with deep sadness that we share the loss of an ASPR member and friend, Susan Cook, from St. Johns/Candler Medical Group in Savannah, GA. Susan lost a courageous battle with transitional cell carcinoma on Friday, February 15 at the age of 55.

Susan started in physician recruitment in 2006 and quickly took a vague idea and developed it into a polished, formalized physician recruitment department. She sought out any opportunity to improve her program and was frequently on Chat asking questions to her valued ASPR friends. She was a frequent attendee at national and regional events greeting friends with a kind, sweet, southern hello and a wonderful smile. She will be sorely missed.

Susan Cook’s obituary may be read online.

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ASPR Monthly Webinar Series: “Communication Magic”: How to Erase Conflicts and Confrontations in Recruitment—And in Your Life!
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