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ASPR Weekly - April 9, 2013
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ASPR Weekly

April 9, 2013

Benchmarking Survey – 6 Days Left!

Fellowship Certification Exams – Important Update

Monthly Webinars Available Free On Demand

JASPR Feature: Medical Staff Development – Planning in the Midst of Reform

So, What is Old Tucson Studios?

ASPR Mentor Program – Call for Mentors

Benchmarking Survey – 6 Days Left

Compensation information and much more can be available at your fingertips if you participate in the 2013 ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Survey! Compensation is only one piece of this important Survey – participate today and gain free access to important statistics on the number of searches conducted per recruiter, time to fill positions, interview to hire ratios, successful sourcing methods, and much more!

The 2013 ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Survey deadline has been extended through April 15th. Participate today at!

Fellowship Certification Exams – Important Update

As you may have read in JASPR, the Fellowship Committee has been busy updating all of the Fellowship Certification exams.  We previously indicated that the exams would be ready for use in April. Additional development time has been necessary, so the release date has been changed to July 1st. The Fellowship Program Committee recommends that if you have taken any of the current program modules and/or are registered for any of the current exams, that you complete the exam prior to July 1st.  

All three program modules are being updated to correspond with the updated exams and will be available at the 2013 Annual Conference.  It is highly recommended that if you do not complete your exams prior to July 1st that you take the updated program modules prior to sitting for the new exams. Reminders regarding this will be sent to anyone who has not yet taken their exams.

Learn more about the Fellowship Certification Program

Monthly Webinars Available Free On Demand

You missed that ASPR Monthly Webinar that you really wanted to see? Don’t worry!You can view it on demand at any time.  These free webinars are a cost effective and time efficient way to obtain continuing education to help you advance in your career. At work, at home, any time. 

Here is a list of the webinars currently available in the ASPR Webinar Archive:

  • Integrating Physician Recruitment and Physician Relations
  • ACOs:  Taking an Organizational Approach that Makes Sense
  • Using Metrics to Improve the Physician Recruitment Process
  • How Physicians Search for Jobs
  • Stand Out! Understanding what physicians are looking for and how to reach them
  • Rural Recruitment and Retention – If it was Easy, They Wouldn’t Need Us
  • First impressions are Lasting Impressions - Is Your Onboarding Program Leaving the Impression You Desire? 
  • Invest in Your Future – Keep the Physicians You Recruit
  • Developing a Successful Physician Mentor Program
  • The Doc Whisperer – the Art and Science of Engaging Physicians
  • Looking at the Past to Predict the Future: Using behavioral interviewing to find the right candidate match.
  • Trends in Video Enabled Interviewing
  • How to succeed at the most complex recruitments
  • Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Residency Program Doors
  • Primary Care Practice Acquisition and Employment: Best Practices
  • Building Your Professional Equity: How to get invited to the executive table
  • Helping Physicians Become Great Leaders
  • Our Fragile, Fragmented Physician Workforces:  Trends for 2012 and Beyond.
  • “Communication Magic”:  How to Erase Conflicts and Confrontations in Recruitment—And in Your Life!
  • Successful E-Mail & Direct Marketing Methods

Access the ASPR Webinar Archive

JASPR Feature: Medical Staff Development – Planning in the Midst of Reform

Medical staff development – Planning in the midst of reform

By Jennifer Moody, Managing Principal, AmeriMed Consulting, Fort Worth, TX

In the midst of significant health reform, physician recruiters are juggling many priorities as hospitals and clinics scramble to ready for the coming changes. Physician integration, electronic health records implementation, and physician satisfaction duties are just some of the responsibilities being added to the recruitment mix. Now more than ever, recruiters need a comprehensive medical staff development plan that provides a clear direction and withstands federal scrutiny. A good plan should take into account not only recruitment priorities but federal compliance guidelines, necessary elements for successful onboarding of new practitioners, hospital retention efforts, and phased succession planning.

Read more in the Winter issue of JASPR

So, What is Old Tucson Studios?

Well – Old Tucson Studios is the location of the 2013 ASPR Annual Conference Evening Event! It is a preserved slice of Americana.  Old Tucson Studios transports you back to the frontier and is the setting for the more than 300 movies and television productions including Tombstone, The Quick and the Dead, and The Three Amigos. Since 1939, Old Tucson is one of the most active filming locations for Western-themed movies, television, cable shows and commercials in the United States

Join us for a western barbeque dinner and drinks (including the “ASPRita”) along with live music from Western Fusion. Enjoy a two-step performance and if you enjoyed Salsa lessons last year, you’ll enjoy line dancing lessons this year!  If you’re not a dancer, it’s just as fun to watch!  

Stop by the Old Tucson Story Museum to learn the amazing history of Old Tucson and see original costumes worn by the stars of legendary television series including Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza. Official historians will be available to share stories of the heyday of western movie-making at Old Tucson.

The Tuesday Evening Event is a great way to mingle with colleagues, sponsors, and exhibitors. Relax, dance, eat, network, and have a great time! 

ASPR Mentor Program – Call for Mentors

The ASPR Mentorship Program is designed to provide new, in-house recruiters with a “go to resource” for the multitude of questions which are inherent to our profession.   The Mentorship Program is one that is ultimately focused on helping our new members grow and develop professionally and is a rewarding experience for both the Mentor and Mentee.

The Mentor-Mentee relationship consists of a seasoned recruiter being matched with a new-to-the-industry colleague. The two form a relationship which allows for consistent and open communication designed to provide the mentee with “tools of the trade.”  The mentor serves as a sounding board for ideas, provides referrals for items of interest (advertising sites, locums firms, and residency programs), introductions, and anything else that can make the mentee’s transition into the physician recruiting world a little easier.

We need your help to make the newly revamped Mentor Program a success! We are putting a call out to all eligible members to consider becoming a Mentor. In order to become an ASPR Mentor, you must be an ASPR member for at least two years and you must also have at least three years of physician recruitment experience or have achieved the Associate designation of the Fellowship Certification program (AASPR).

You can view a webinar to learn more about what is involved in being a Mentor and read the new guideline that was developed for Mentors to help facilitate discussions with their Mentees.

For those of you who would like to be assigned a mentor, we will be reaching out to all of you once we have our roster of Mentors ready to go. Keep your eyes peeled for more information!

Sign up to become an ASPR Mentor today

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Webinar: Value-Based Physician Compensation: Considerations in the Transition
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Webinar: Antitrust 101
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2013 ASPR Annual Conference Begins

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