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ASPR Weekly - April 16, 2013
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ASPR Weekly

April 16, 2013

To Find the Best, You Have to Be the Best

April Webinar: Value-Based Physician Compensation: Considerations in the Transition

JASPR Feature: Onboarding and Retention - One chance to get it right

ASPR Antitrust Policy – What You Need to Know

Webinar – Antitrust 101 – A Must for Chat Users

Unethical Behavior of Vendors – What You Can Do

To Find the Best, You Have to Be the Best

ASPR Fellowship Program Information BrochureYou search for the best physician, the best provider, the best match for your organization’s needs. To make it all come together, you need to be the best at what you do. Now you can.

As a certified Fellow of the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (FASPR)  you’ll have all the knowledge, tools and up-to-the-minute resources at your fingertips to recruit, hire and retain the right talent. This must-have certification will not only help you sharpen your skills, it tells your peers, employer and physicians that you are committed to continuing education and excellence in the discipline of physician recruitment.

Taught by highly experienced and successful in-house physician recruitment professionals, our program will provide an in-depth view of recruiting basics such as sourcing, screening and interviewing, as well as delve deeply into topics such as interpreting benchmarking metrics and understanding and implementing medical staff development plans.

In the evolving landscape of healthcare, you need to keep up with the latest physician recruitment methods and practices to ensure that you find the best matches for your organization. Find out more about ASPR’s Fellowship certification and get started today!

April Webinar: Value-Based Physician Compensation: Considerations in the Transition

Register today for this free webinar being held on April 24 at 1:00 ET.

Speakers: Len Henzke, Principal, ECG Management Consultants and Maria Hayduk, Senior Manager, ECG Management Consultants

The U.S. healthcare system is in the early stages of a transition from a volume-based to a value-based reimbursement methodology that will take many years to take effect. Regardless of your beliefs about the long-term effectiveness of payment reform, physician organizations, including hospital-based and independent medical groups, will need to adapt to a payment environment that rewards value over volume. As payment models shift toward a focus on value and reimbursement becomes increasingly linked to measurements of quality and efficiency, physician organizations will need to incorporate this new focus into the day-to-day actions of their physicians. The most effective mechanism to accomplish this goal is to modify today’s physician compensation structures to better align with organizational goals in a value-based payment environment. The purpose of this presentation will be to address the critical success factors for integrating non-productivity incentives into a market-based compensation plan.

Register today!

JASPR Feature: Onboarding and Retention – One chance to get it right

Onboarding and Retention – One chance to get it right

By Ashley B. Pace, Carolinas HealthCare System, Charlotte, NC

Ashley B. Pace“In general, when working with physicians, organizations have only one chance to ‘get it right,’ after which their credibility with physicians will be diminished,” according to the authors of A Guide to Physician Integration Models for Sustainable Success. That being said, we must proceed deliberately once a physician provides that coveted signed agreement. Developing and implementing a “comprehensive and proactive strategy for physician integration”1 has become paramount. As the healthcare industry dramatically changes, physicians (and recruiters!) may likely proceed with trepidation and hesitation. A physician’s decision to join a new organization will be very deliberate. Their primary focus will be on financial implications and how they are directly affected rather than on all of the requirements we impose upon them once we have their signed contract. This is where we should accept the call to greatness. We recruit exceptionally trained providers who provide excellent care. We should, therefore, provide them with an extraordinary experience and a seamless transition.

Read more in the Winter issue of JASPR

ASPR Antitrust Policy – What You Need to Know

ASPR has an Antitrust Policy (below) that all members should familiarize themselves with.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure that our association and its members abide by federal antitrust laws.  An article in the fall 2012 issue of JASPR covers the relevant issues as they relate to you and ASPR.  Below are some excerpts from this article that are especially relevant to the discussion of physician compensation details on Chat. 

When two or more persons or companies who would be natural competitors in the market agree on a price, range of prices, discounts to offer, profit levels from items sold, or production levels, they are committing a per se antitrust violation. It is a per se violation regardless if it is the price they are agreeing to pay or the price they are agreeing to charge. Even agreeing on “boiler-plate” contractual items that affect the price indirectly can rise to the level of a violation. The prices/price cuts need not be identical to raise a suspicion of price-fixing.

The “rules” of a Listserve should prohibit messages about prices, pricing strategies, restrictions on advertising, maintaining the profitability of a profession or industry, terms or conditions of sale, minimizing discounts, gifts or promotions, salaries, profits, profit margins, cost data, market share, sales territories, customers or selection, rejection, or termination of customers or suppliers.

Apparently innocent listserve discussions asking about what or how others charge for particular services, or comments about the pricing and business practices of others could be construed as a conversation intended to encourage a conspiracy (agreement) to fix prices, encourage a boycott or otherwise illegally restrict trade.

ASPR requests that our members not discuss provider compensation package details on the Chat listserv and recommends utilizing compensation surveys from trusted publishers as a source for reliable and legally defensible compensation data.   Chat may be used to find out what surveys your colleagues recommend, but please do not share specific compensation package details via Chat. Here are some examples (however not an exhaustive list) of topics that are considered “contractual details” that cannot be discussed on the ASPR Chat listserv:

  • Provider compensation (specific numbers or ranges) – however general models  can be discussed (not yours specifically) and recommendations on national surveys may be given
  • i.e.: We offer $XXX for primary care physicians – VIOLATION
  • Provider benefits including details  (specific or general) on vacation time, CME time and dollar amounts, retirement benefits, stipends, relocation amounts, loan repayment amounts, etc.; you may not indicate what your compensation and benefits package details are in any form; even listing the benefits that are included in your package without including a quantity would be a violation of anti-trust law
        • i.e.: We offer relocation assistance and a sign on bonus - VIOLATION
        • i.e.: We offer $XXX for CME and X days PTO - VIOLATION
  • Vendor fees/rates
        • i.e.: Firm ABC offers a rate of $XXX - VIOLATION
  • Vendor contract terms (such as period that a candidate “belongs” to a firm )
        • i.e.: We require our contracts to be limited to 12 months for the candidate “sunset clause” - VIOLATION

Please familiarize yourself and abide by the ASPR Anti-Trust Policy below. 

ASPR Antitrust Policy

To ensure awareness with federal antitrust laws and minimize the possibility of antitrust problems for our Association, the following guidelines should be followed at all times that the Association gathers; including meetings of the Board of Directors and committees, meetings of the members of the Association, web-chats or other electronic forums, as well as all association-sponsored conventions, trade shows, training seminars, conferences, and task force and working group sessions.

  • DO NOT discuss your prices or competitors’ prices with a competitor (except when buying from or selling to that competitor) or anything might affect prices such as costs, discounts, terms of sale, or profit margins.
  • DO NOT agree with competitors to uniform terms of sale, warranties, or contract provisions.
  • DO NOT agree with competitors to allocate, divide or otherwise distinguish customers or territories.
  • DO NOT act jointly with one or more competitors to put another competitor at a disadvantage or adversely affect that competitor’s marketplace. 
  • DO NOT try  to prevent your supplier from selling to your competitor.
  • DO NOT discuss your future pricing, marketing, or policy plans with competitors.
  • DO NOT discuss your customers with your competitors.
  • DO NOT make statements about your future plans regarding pricing, expansion, or other policies with competitive overtones.  Do not participate in discussions where other members do.
  • DO NOT propose or agree to any standardization, which will injure your competitor.
  • DO alert association staff and legal counsel to anything improper.
  • DO send copies to an association staff member of any communications or documents sent, received, or developed by you when acting of the association.
  • DO alert every employee in your company who deals with the association to these guidelines.
  • DO be alert to antitrust issues.  If you feel an activity might be improper, ask for guidance from association staff or legal counsel in advance. 

Webinar – Antitrust 101 – A Must for Chat Users

Register today for this FREE webinar held May 8 at 1:00 PM EST.  Can’t make it?  View it later On Demand!

Speaker: Heidi Christianson, Attorney, Nilan Johnson

This webinar will educate you regarding the most common types of antitrust concerns that you should be aware of as an in-house physician recruitment professional. ASPR has recently required re-registration for the Chat listserv with a focus on educating members on antitrust issues. Many members have questions about what is and is not ok and legal to ask others electronically (Chat), at meetings, on the telephone, etc…regarding physician compensation and benefits packages and other related questions.

This webinar will discuss the most common “off limit” topics of discussion, the types of activity against which regulators have taken action, and penalties for engaging in antitrust behavior. We will discuss hypotheticals to bring this topic to life. Learn how to protect yourself, your employer, and ASPR by becoming educated on antitrust and what you can and cannot discuss with others.

Register today!

Unethical Behavior of Vendors – What You Can Do

Have you encountered unethical behaviors with a vendor?  If the vendor does business with ASPR as an exhibitor, sponsor, advertiser, or Corporate Contributor, there may be something that we can do to address the situation.  ASPR now has an Ethics Committee that is tasked with addressing unethical behaviors of ASPR vendors based on the ASPR Vendor Ethics Policy.

The ASPR Vendor Ethics Policy sets expectations and standards for Vendor Partners doing business with ASPR.  ASPR expects each of its Vendor Partners to operate and act in full compliance with this Ethics Policy and all applicable laws and regulations. 

The ASPR Ethics Committee has received and addressed two complaints since its inception, both regarding Vendor Partners’ staff representing themselves as physicians (or a dentist in one case) in provider databases.  Both Vendor Partners received warnings and have assured ASPR that this type of behavior is considered unacceptable within their organizations and will not occur again. 

If a Vendor Partner is found to have consistently violated the policy or found to have made an egregious violation, they could lose their ability to conduct business with ASPR.  That means they may no longer be able to exhibit at the Annual Conference, advertise, or participate in the Corporate Contributor program.

If you encounter unethical behavior of a Vendor Partner, ASPR encourages you to first attempt to resolve your concern directly with the vendor prior to submitting a complaint to the ASPR Ethics Committee.  If a satisfactory resolution is not obtained, a formal complaint may be filed with the ASPR Ethics Committee.  ASPR Members, or anyone with information relevant to a possible violation of this policy, may file a complaint with the Ethics Committee by completing a Vendor Ethics Violation Form.

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Webinar: Value-Based Physician Compensation: Considerations in the Transition
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Webinar: Antitrust 101
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