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Journal of ASPR - Spring 2013 - ASPR Board of Directors: Who they are and why we love them
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ASPR Board of Directors

Who they are and why we love them

By Jennifer Metivier, MS, FASPR, ASPR Executive Director

Another board of directors election season is upon us and it came to our attention that some ASPR members may not know much about our board. Who are they? Where do they come from? How did they end up on the board? The ASPR Board of Directors is comprised of ASPR members who have volunteered to serve and were elected to their roles by the membership. Here is a little information about your current board and some advice for those of you who may be interested in serving on the board.

President: Scott Manning, FASPR

  • Scott is the director of human resources/provider recruiting at District Medical Group in Phoenix, AZ. He has served on the board for seven years; two years as treasurer, two years as president-elect, and almost three years as president. Prior to joining the board, Scott was a member of the ASPR Membership & Marketing and Journal Committees and was a speaker at several ASPR conferences. He decided to run for the board because he was a long-time member with volunteer leadership experience and wanted to get involved. He was also asked by then president-elect Marci Jackson if he would consider running for the board.
  • What does he enjoy about being a board member? “I love having input into the long term direction of the organization and subsequent success of same. The relationships I have built among both board/leadership team members and others are priceless.”
  • Scott’s advice for someone interested in running for the board: “Always put the ‘greater good’ of the organization ahead of any personal considerations. Be flexible enough in your work schedule to be ‘available to respond to issues as they arise’. Expediency is quite often important.”

President-Elect: Debbie Gleason, FASPR

  • Debbie is physician development administrator at The Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, NE. She has served on the board for about three years. She served one year as a member at large and was then elected to the president-elect position, fulfilling her term this year and transitioning to the role of president in August. Debbie has been a co-chair and member of the benchmarking committee for many years and an active member of the fellowship and education committees. She also has been very active with the ASPR AIR (Academic In-house Recruiters) Chapter. Debbie said that she decided to run for the board because “First and foremost, it was an opportunity to repay the debt I owed so many of my colleagues, who have given of their time and talent to build, grow, and sustain this organization. They have contributed immeasurably to my growth. I share a vision of ASPR evolving with this dynamic industry by the continuous new infusion of involvement from our members, capitalizing on the experience and historical perspectives of past leaders, and the professionalism and creativity of our members.”

Secretary: Donna Ecclestone, FASPR

  • Donna is the associate director of physician integration/onboarding at Duke Medicine, and is serving in her first term on the board. Prior to her role as secretary, Donna helped launch AIR, the Academic In-House Recruitment network, which was the first chapter of ASPR. She also served as AIR’s first president and has been involved with the benchmarking and fellowship committees. Donna was instrumental in developing (the new Onboarding and Retention Chapter) and currently serves as OAR vice president. She decided to run for the board to expand her knowledge of the organization and help guide its future. Like others, she was also asked to run by several current members.
  • What does she enjoy about being a board member? “I love the energy that is created when people are collaborating on common goals. Although I have only been a board member for a few months, I have learned a lot and feel I have made contributions, which is rewarding.”
  • Donna’s advice for someone interested in running for the board: “If you feel something is worth mentioning, don’t be afraid to speak up. It may be uncomfortable, but people will appreciate your opinion.”

Treasurer: Diane Collins, FASPR

  • Diane is the senior physician recruiter & supervisor, primary care float pool at HealthPartners Medical Group in Minneapolis, MN. She has served on the board as a member at large for one year and is completing her second (almost third) year as treasurer. Prior to joining the board, Diane served on the education committee, membership & marketing committee, website committee (former chair), and has been the board liaison for the membership committee. She decided to run for the board because “it was my way to give back to an association that has been there for me from the get-go. It also allows me to stay involved in current issues and work with other leaders to help make ASPR the best association ever!”
  • What does she enjoy about being a board member? “I enjoy the colleagues and friends I have met from across the country (and Canada). I feel like we really are making a difference and taking physician and provider recruitment to the next level. Nothing compares to working with people who walk in your shoes, and understand the growing challenges we face every day. I’ve met some great people, made some longtime friends and have learned so much along the way.”
  • Diane’s advice for someone interested in running for the board: “Get involved when you can. You have a voice and we want to hear you. We’ve come a long way in being nationally recognized as a professional organization and can only move forward with your help.”

Vice President, Education: Allen Kram, FASPR

  • Allen is the director of physician development at Health Quest, a three-hospital system in New York’s Hudson Valley, and has served on the board for two years as a member at large. Prior to joining the board, Allen was a member of the strategic planning committee, and member and co-chair of the education committee. When asked why he decided to run for the board, Allen stated, “I was an active member of two committees and felt that there was a need for active volunteers to step up to the leadership of the organization. Over the course of two-three years, I became progressively more active in the development of educational content and felt that there was a need for these positions to be represented on the board.”
  • What does he enjoy about being a board member? “I work with a terrific group of individuals from across the country. As a group we address not only issues related to trends in healthcare and recruitment, but assist in the long-term growth of the ASPR as an organization.”
  • Allen’s advice for someone interested in running for the board: “Be thoughtful and bring constructive comments and observations to the role. It is a big responsibility to become a member of any board and the membership relies on the leadership to guide and sustain the organization.”

Vice President, Engagement: Laura Screeney, FASPR

  • Laura is the corporate director of the office of physician recruitment at North Shore-LIJ Health System in Manhasset, NY. Laura has been involved in ASPR as a member and volunteer since our inception. This is Laura’s third term on the board, as a member at large. Laura has served as chair of education and chair of the journal committee. She has also been a member of the benchmarking, fellowship, website and strategic planning committees over the years. When asked why she decided to run for the board, Laura said, “ASPR has become the cornerstone of our industry while still remaining true to the education and networking of in-house physician recruitment professionals. Many of us are the sole physician recruitment professional in our organizations; thus we need the support and resources of outside colleagues. I wanted to continue to help educate and grow the future leaders of this organization, and our industry.”
  • Laura’s advice for someone interested in running for the board: “I encourage members to get involved, run for the board, join a committee. We work in an incredible industry and this organization is an amazing resource and support system; without our volunteers, we can’t serve our membership. Get involved, you will get more out of it than you realize.”

Vice President, Governance: Frank Gallagher

  • Frank is the interim director, physician & advanced practitioner recruitment at Baystate Health in Springfield, MA. Frank is serving in his first year of his first term as a member at large. He has served as the co-chair for the chapter & regional relations committee and was also president of the ASPR AIR Chapter. Frank decided to run for the board because he “felt it was important to serve in capacities that ultimately benefit others — for this reason I wanted to contribute to the growth of ASPR as a professional association and the in-house recruiting industry as a whole. I wanted to work with ASPR leadership on finding solutions and options that provide a real value to our members.”

Vice President, Research: Shelley Tudor, FASPR

  • Shelley is a strategic recruiter at Humana based in Louisville, KY. She is completing her first term on the board as a member at large (VP of research with the recent restructure). Shelley has served as co-chair for the benchmarking committee since 2008 and still serves in that role. When asked why she ran for the board, Shelley stated, “Just to lend a hand. There were several initiatives I became aware of while serving on the larger leadership team of all co-chairs and board members. There was an abundance of volunteer opportunities to help grow our organization and I wanted to assist.”
  • What does she enjoy about being a board member? “I like to see new projects excel and new leaders emerge. I am always surprised at the wealth of ideas and inspiration that our members bring to the organization.”
  • Shelley’s advice for someone interested in running for the board: “Get involved at the committee level. One is well-positioned to contribute in a meaningful way, when he/she understands the direction of the organization and the effort, power, and challenges that come with volunteerism. There are always new programs and projects under development that can use volunteer manpower. By engaging in individual projects, members gain a better understanding of how the entire organization is structured and can become an expert in specific areas of strategic importance to ASPR.”
Journal of ASPR - Spring 2013

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