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Journal of ASPR - Spring 2013 - Steps in creating a successful multimedia campaign
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Steps in creating a successful multimedia campaign

By Susan Henning, Senior Sales Representative, JAMA Network and JAMA Career Center

JAMA Network and JAMA Career Center

A successful multimedia campaign, whether for physician recruitment or institutional branding, is of paramount importance. More than ever before, it is necessary to differentiate your organization from the competition attempting to attract the same candidates and maybe even some you already have on staff. What constitutes a successful multimedia campaign?

Print advertising

There have been many reports and studies heralding the death of print advertising. Not so fast! When it comes to scholarly publishing, people DO still read print journals! That being said, an integral piece of the puzzle is to be sure your print advertising will reach your target audience. How? Look at the publication’s circulation statement. This statement is your road map and will tell you how many physicians receive the particular journal, where they live, and in what specialty they self-identify. Look at the frequency of the journal. Do you want the consistency of a weekly print ad, or is your budget allowing something less frequent? Budget and cost are important considerations, of course. Are you getting the best “bang for your buck” with your spend, i.e., are you getting your ad in front of the most number of eyeballs for what you are spending? Does the publication reach your demographic? No sense in advertising for a Neurologist in a Hematology/Oncology-focused journal. Will your ad reach the targeted geographic area? This is another reason to look at a circulation statement. Why burn through your precious budget dollars looking for a surgeon in California when the journal you are advertising in reaches primarily physicians on the opposite coast? Finally, be sure that your creative message is targeted.

Online advertising

Online advertising is the sexy, “new” way to attract physicians! Its popularity is ever­increasing since it typically allows you to do more with less. Again, keep your target audience in mind. Are you posting your jobs where your target is actually looking? Reliable data (Finding the Right Job in Clinical Practice or Academia: Advice for Young Clinicians and Investigators, by Joseph S. Alpert, MD, MACP) suggest that most physicians look for opportunities on physician-focused career sites (specialty societies, journal and association sites to which they belong) and not with the masses of new college graduates and other non-healthcare professionals who are searching on generic job boards and/or local newspapers.

A very intriguing selling point for online advertising is that it allows you to include not only the job description but often an organization’s logo, video links, etc., allowing your creative message to be targeted without the cost constraints of a print ad. Many times recruiters wonder just how much information to include in an online ad — just enough to pique someone’s interest, or do you go for broke and include everything they might want to know? It is important to be able to make changes on the fly, which brings me to the next point….does your online advertising site allow you the flexibility to modify your ad anytime you would like? Are you able to determine whether or not the ad needs modification by viewing applicable online analytics? Can you choose to purchase enhancements to your online ad to make it more eye-catching? Spotlight, Featured Position, Highlight! Where does your ad appear in the search results?


Do you have a career page for physicians on your Corporate Site and is it easily accessible to physicians or do they have to hunt for your link? Does the website you are advertising offer Employer Profiles or Banner Advertising?

Employer Profiles: This is a great way to promote the brand of your organization (mission, values), talk about your community; schools, location, entertainment, (sports/theater) and be able to connect back to your web page for physicians to apply to your position. Link to all your job postings on the site.

Banner Advertising: Brand your Institution/Company and be able to link back to the career pages on your corporate site.

Lastly, a few words about accessibility, and I don’t mean yours or your candidate’s (that’s another essay for another JASPR issue). If your main point of contact is not accessible enough for you to make changes relatively quickly and easily, it may be time to re-evaluate where you are advertising. Unfortunately, many times customer service suffers at the hands of revenue goals or budget cuts. What good is it for your ad to be published or seen when it is incorrect or the information has since been changed? It only causes unnecessary pain for you and your candidates.

When it comes to any type of advertising, the biggest takeaway is that you must give your campaign TIME to be successful. Don’t panic and start making changes too hastily. Keep your message uniform and consistent. Build it, and they will come!

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Journal of ASPR - Spring 2013

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