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ASPR Weekly - May 21, 2013
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ASPR Weekly

May 21, 2013

ASPR Annual Conference Sneak Peek: Connecting the Dots of Healthcare

JASPR Feature: Taking the Fear Out of Tracking

New On-Demand Tracking Tool to Capture Your Search Data

Board of Directors Elections Coming Up in June

ASPR Annual Conference Sneak Peek: Connecting the Dots of Healthcare

Registration is now open for the 2013 ASPR Annual Conference! Here is a sneak peek at one of the keynote sessions. The 2013 ASPR Annual Conference will feature Keynote Speaker M. Tray Dunaway, MD, FACS, CSP, who will present Connecting the Dots of Healthcare: Better Healthcare through Mutuality.
We all work in an increasingly complex matrix creating an ecosystem of healthcare. Decisions and actions by any individual, group, or organization of these “dots of healthcare” affect the entire ecosystem composed of other “dots.” Using principal foundational elements, Dr. Dunaway weaves a program to help cope with future changes and not just survive, but thrive. He will focus on a few key elements and contributions that physician recruitment can make to illustrate that we are all in a complex network of interconnectivity and our ultimate solutions to challenges come from this network.

This award-winning, powerful physician speaker will share his secrets of success to connect “the dots of healthcare” in more meaningful ways with humor, honesty, and surprising insights from a physician’s perspective. Don’t miss this presentation that has garnered rave reviews from healthcare audiences, will leave you in stitches, and will touch your mind as well as your heart.

Tray Dunaway is a world-class medical record delinquent and practiced as an every-other-night-on-call general surgeon in Camden, SC, where he endured 17 years of having his staff telling him, “stop talking to the patients and hurry up so we can go home.” He finally figured out a way to actually get paid for speaking and now no longer has to get out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the OR. Dr. Dunaway created a business solution for physicians, PAs and nurse practitioners when he simplified and streamlined E&M coding and, in the process of keeping clinicians out of compliance jail, discovered how to connect physicians, hospitals, patients, and all the “dots” of healthcare in more meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships.

Don’t miss out on this session and many more like it! Reserve your seat at the 2013 ASPR Annual Conference held August 10-14 at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

Register by July 17 for early bird discounts!

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JASPR Feature: Taking the Fear Out of Tracking

Taking the fear out of tracking: Keeping it simple

By Shelley Tudor, FASPR and Lynne Peterson, FASPR

In our fast-paced, changing healthcare landscape, in-house physician recruitment professionals are relied on more and more for their knowledge and expertise in attracting, hiring and retaining the right physician or healthcare provider for the job. Whether you’re recruiting for a small hospital or a statewide multi-facility health system, your responsibility is much the same: Assessing recruitment needs; sourcing for candidates; conducting phone screenings; hosting site visits; tracking data.

Tracking data? Who can afford to spend valuable time on that? The simple answer is that you can’t afford not to. Tracking your recruitment data is well worth the time and effort, and the good news is that it doesn’t have to take much effort at all.

Read more in the spring issue of JASPR

Access the 2012 ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report Executive Summary

New On-Demand Tracking Tool to Capture Your Search Data

A new On-Demand Tracking Tool is now available to collect your search data on a year-round basis. The tool will allow you to enter all of your searches and continue to edit them throughout the year. You will have the ability to generate reports for your administration on all of your search activity. The On-Demand Tracking Tool will allow you to export your data at any time to show how many candidates you’ve received, interviews conducted, offers made, and acceptances for each of your searches. As an added benefit, when the next Benchmarking Survey opens you will be able to conveniently upload all of the search data directly into the survey with very little time or effort.  

How to Access the On-Demand Tracking Tool:
The On-Demand Tracking Tool is located in the ASPR Benchmarking Portal. If you have not already created a username and password you will need to do so (note these may be different from your ASPR username and password).

Once you log in for the first time you will be required to provide your contact information. After this step and for subsequent logins, you will see that the ASPR Benchmarking Portal offers three options:

  • On-Demand Tracking
  • Access Reports & Searchable Data (for previous surveys you have participated in or purchased)
  • Participate in the Survey (available only during survey months)

How to Use the On-Demand Tracking Tool:
Select the On-Demand Tracking option to begin and then select “Add Search” to complete the requested data for each search you conduct throughout the year.  You have the ability to edit each search so you can update them later as your search efforts progress. 

You will have the ability to print or export the data to excel at any time for all of the searches you have entered. When it is time for the next Benchmarking Survey cycle to begin, you will be able to easily and quickly upload the search data directly into the survey. 

What Data is Collected? 
A list of search questions included in the On-Demand Tracking Tool can be found on pages 2-4 in the ASPR Benchmarking Survey Questions document.

Get started tracking your search data today. Generate valuable reports for your administration. Save yourself time and effort during the next Benchmarking Survey. Let’s get tracking!

Access the On-Demand Tracking Tool

Learn more about the ASPR Benchmarking Survey

Board of Directors Elections Coming Up in June

The ASPR Board of Directors elections will open on June 4. This year we will elect the President Elect, Treasurer and three Members at Large. The Members at Large positions that are up for election are the newly defined Vice President of Education, Vice President of Engagement, and the Vice President of Research. The terms for these positions will begin in August 2013 and end in May 2015. The reason for the term ending in May 2015 is due to the transition of the ASPR Annual Conference from August to May that year. The official transition of Board Members occurs at the ASPR Annual Business Meeting which is held at the Annual Conference.

Candidate bios will be made available and online voting will occur via the ASPR website between June 4 and June 18, 2013. You will need your ASPR username and password in order to cast your vote. If you need assistance with obtaining your username and password, please contact Member Services at 800-830-ASPR (2777). Ballots will be tabulated by the ASPR staff under the supervision of the Board. The results will be announced soon after by Scott Manning, ASPR President, on behalf of the Board of Directors.

If you have any questions regarding the Election process, please contact ASPR Executive Director, Jennifer Metivier, MS, FASPR, at or at 800-830-ASPR (2777).

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