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Letter from the Editor – Fall 2014

By Miranda Grace, FASPR, Physician Recruiter, Geisinger Health System, Lewistown, PA the big and small victories
My husband and I have a tradition - whenever a new physician makes a commitment and signs a contract or offer letter for my organization, we always celebrate. Sometimes we enjoy a nice dinner out, other times we’ll go shopping, or we’ll even see a movie. No matter how big or small, we always make an effort to recognize the hard work put into each recruit.

As physician recruiters, it is important to acknowledge the effort you put forth to bring new physicians to your organization and your community…it’s not easy! Here are five reasons you should celebrate both your big and small victories:

1. Celebration confirms what you’re doing works
Celebrating professional victories confirms and acknowledges that your processes and procedures actually work! This is especially important if you’ve recently implemented a new practice. We can always learn from our mistakes, but learning from our victories is much more fun!

2. Celebration gives us momentum
Taking the time to recognize a signed offer, a completed project, or even just making it through the day, motivates us for the next victory and boosts our self-esteem. Don’t be reserved; be proud of a job well done!

3. Celebration forces us to focus on the positive
It’s easy to become run down by all of the negativity around us; yet, we know that maintaining a positive outlook promotes self-confidence, optimism and engagement. By celebrating our victories, we are forced to think about the positive and put the negative aside, even if it’s only for a short while.

4. Celebration motivates others
When colleagues acknowledge your victories and celebrate them with you, they will be encouraged to do better themselves. With any luck, your team will continually encourage one another to strive for more. Remember, success breeds success.

5. Celebration reminds us that what we do matters
Finally, celebrating our victories reminds us that all the hard work was worth it in the end. Whether you were instrumental in bringing a physician to a struggling practice or helped retain them when times were tough, you made a difference in the health and well-being of the whole community! There’s nothing better than satisfaction in a job well done!

Andre Gide, a noted author and Nobel Prize winner once said, “Do not scorn little victories.” Celebrate your successes because they matter -you matter! Take pride in what you do and always remember you can make a difference if you just focus on the positive and keep the momentum going. Through you, others will be encouraged to do the same and the whole team will benefit.

Thank you for your continued support of ASPR and JASPR!

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