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Letter from the Editor - Summer/Fall 2016
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By Lori Norris, Senior Physician Recruiter, FASPR, Dignity Health/Arizona

Back in the saddle
This is my first editor’s letter since stepping back into the co-chair role with Judy Brown for the Journal Committee and JASPR. I took a break for a few years to pursue some other interests. Getting re-involved with JASPR and the ASPR leadership team over the last few months has been like getting reacquainted with old friends, in both a literal and a figurative sense. JASPR is my figurative old friend, and my ASPR colleagues are the literal friends. Many of these colleagues have been volunteering for ASPR for many years. Some have taken a break, like me…only to come back and serve again. But many have been steadfast with their commitment to give their time to help build ASPR. Although I like being back with my old friend, “JASPR,” I treasure being back in touch with my colleagues. 

The co-chairs alternate writing this column. In determining what to talk about when it’s my turn, I usually come up with a few ideas while I’m editing that issue’s articles. This time, a few reoccurring themes popped up, as I found myself making the same edits over and over again!

We do more than recruit physicians
One of the most common edits we make is replacing the term “physician recruitment professional” for a plethora of titles used in the general field of physician recruitment. Several years ago, the JASPR editing team of Laura Screeney and Judy Brown recognized the need to find a more inclusive term to better describe the varied roles and increasing responsibility that ASPR members carry. With titles ranging from “physician recruiter” and “provider recruiter” to “vice president of physician recruitment” or even “CEO,” it’s hard to find a one-size-fits-all term. The overall goal behind this effort is to be inclusive of all professionals who have a significant role in recruiting physicians to their organizations. The ASPR Benchmarking Surveys do a great job in illustrating the wide range of titles, roles and responsibilities. 

Not all of us hire or employ physicians
Another edit I find myself making over and over again is replacing the words “hire” and  “employ” with the word “recruit.” So many of our members do not employ physicians, but instead are recruiting physicians to private practices. It’s not just a picky idiosyncrasy of mine…this can have technical and legal implications. I use the term “recruit” not only in my writing and editing for JASPR, but also in my day-to-day communications. Not all of us hire or employ physicians, but we all recruit. We will be highlighting the different types of physician recruitment models in future issues of JASPR.

Agreement versus contract
When editing, I also replace the word “contract” with the term “physician recruitment agreement.” This is mostly a personal preference. I think it sounds more professional. It’s also the term used by the organization where I work. 

Industry lingo and jargon
While most editing focuses on the standards of grammar, punctuation and accuracy, it’s important to also pay attention to the use of the lingo and jargon of our industry. And it’s much more interesting than correcting punctuation and grammar, trust me!  

This issue
I hope you enjoy reading this issue of JASPR. Along with news and profiles from ASPR leadership, you’ll find highlights on timely topics. Long-time contributor, attorney and thought leader, Robert Aronson provides yet another informative update on immigration in physician recruitment; Gayle Bennett describes how full practice authority for APRNs could help alleviate the physician shortage; Marcia Horn Noyes presents an attorney’s opinion on the impact that value-based medicine can have on physician recruitment agreements; and Rachel Eckstein, new to the profession of physician recruitment and ASPR, puts us in her shoes as a first time conference attendee. Speaking of the conference, you’ll also see a photo collage of the 2016 ASPR Annual Conference in New Orleans. Check it out and see if you can find someone you know. If not here, then there are many more photos to view by clicking this link: Enjoy!


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