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ASPR news - Fall 2017

Editors note: The following links are to articles that have been recently published in various healthcare media that highlight issues impacting physician recruitment and retention.

New doctor recruiting on the verge of a ‘feeding frenzy’

Amid rising demand for new doctors, 50 percent of 935 final-year medical residents in a recent survey said they received 100 or more recruiting offers during their training.
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Doctors in demand: new physicians flooded with job offers

Seventy-six percent of primary care residents received 50 or more job solicitations during their medical training while 55 percent received 100 or more, survey data shows.
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What doctors want from health care reform as latest congressional effort falters

As the latest Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act begins its death rattle, a growing number of physicians worry that any solution Washington proposes will not fix the nation’s ailing health care system.
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New physicians lowball what they’ll earn, study says

Residents finishing up their medical training in 2017 know they’re in high demand—very high demand. Half of them say they’ve received 100 or more solicitations about job opportunities, according to a residents’ survey issued yesterday by the recruiting firm Merritt Hawkins.
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Health-care workers in short supply, forcing employers to chase talent with sweeter rewards

Vivian Butamanya left a human resources job last year to become a home health aide in the New York area. She wound up getting a bump in pay, but what she really values are the emotional rewards.
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Physician assistant salaries rise as state hurdles fall

As states grant physician assistants more autonomy in their efforts to treat more patients and expand access to care, they are also getting a pay raise, according to a new analysis.
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Healthcare workforce demand growing faster than provider supply

About one-half of final-year residents received over 100 job solicitations during their training, indicating that the healthcare workforce is in desperate need of providers.
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Report: Idaho’s doctors are the most overworked in the United States

Dr. Joshua Kern originally thought he’d stay in Seattle after he finished medical school at the University of Washington. “I really had no idea I’d end up in a rural place,” he said.
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Across the pond, Britain luring U.S. physician assistants to solve its own doctor shortage

Great Britain is turning to American physician assistants to help solve its own physician shortage, luring them away from the U.S. with incentives including cash and long European vacations.
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‘There’s no simple solution to this’

Physician Mark Wilbur routinely trades his stethoscope for shin guards and still finds time to coach his daughters’ soccer teams. The 41-year-old Rochester resident might have lost a step on the pitch since his prime, but it’s noteworthy he still finds time for such leisurely pursuits.
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