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Member profile: Amy-Catherine McEwan, FASPR - Fall 2017

By Kate-Madonna Hindes, JASPR managing editor

Amy-Catherine McEwan

Tell me a little about how you joined the world of physician recruiting.

I literally stumbled into it nine years ago after a career in publishing, marketing and non-profit administration.

A person I knew asked me to tap my network for someone to recruit for an EM practice. Once she described the position to me, I thought, “I can do that!”, and that was the beginning of my journey into this fascinating industry.

Tell me about your experience with ASPR: How many years have you been a member—for instance?

I have been a member for more than three years. In my EM recruiting position, I attended other conferences, but I have found ASPR to be a much more valuable organization. The educational opportunities are outstanding with ASPR.

What’s been your favorite ASPR memory?

Probably the PracticeLink event in Minneapolis when we were treated to cooking lessons. It was a great evening. The ASPR sponsors are so engaged with membership. Another great memory was seeing ZDogg, MD in San Diego and getting a selfie with him!

Why did you decide to get your FASPR certification?

Since there isn’t a degree in Physician Recruiting (yet), the Fellowship program is the next best thing to being well educated in all aspects of our industry. There is a lot of misperception even in our organizations, about what recruiting providers entails. Earning my FASPR raises my profile in my organization.

What do you believe your FASPR helped you accomplish?

Well, I got a new plaque for my door which I love seeing every day! It has definitely given me a sense of confidence in working with the C-suite that I am truly a trained professional in this industry, not just someone who stumbled into it!

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