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What to expect when you are recruiting – Spring 2014
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By Kelli Mulloy, President, The Inline Group

When you buy something you expect to know what you are getting. When you sign up for cellphone service, you expect the phone to work and calls to go through. When you pay for surgery, you expect to know what the doctor is taking out, the details of the procedure, any side effects and the prognosis for a full recovery.

The same standard should apply when hiring a recruitment resource. With a historical fill rate of less than 60 percent and an average time to fill of 288 days, where is your money being spent? If a physician placement is not a guarantee, then what is guaranteed? You have the right to ask any of the following questions:

  • Where are you spending my money?
  • What services will I receive each month?
  • What will you truly do to fill my search?
  • How much mail will you send?
  • What is the response rate?
  • How will you follow up?
  • Do you have a mobile strategy to reach candidates?
  • How will you market my opportunity?
  • What are your resources and how do I know you will use them to benefit me?

If you don’t get answers you feel good about – keep looking for another agency.

During a conference two days ago, I heard a representative from another recruiting firm state, “We have the oldest database of candidates in the industry.” I wanted to tell the prospect to run fast in the other direction. In today’s market, old is not gold. If an agency is not turning their data every 30 to 90 days, it is outdated and useless. Today, it is about activity and access - saving you time and money - making your job easier.

We talk to thousands of candidates who tell us they are looking at 5-7 opportunities at any given time. Statistically, the number of physicians relocating has increased for the past three years in a row. Physicians are consumers – looking nationwide- for the best opportunity. Candidates at that same show requested data on more than 30 states.

As in-house physician recruiters, your job is challenging enough. You average 12-20 searches with a tight recruitment budget. One of your jobs is to squeeze something out of every budget dollar. You have a right to ask recruiting firms, “What are you really doing for me?” They should have an answer. If they don’t, maybe you need a different solution.

The Inline Group is a Primary Care Marketing, Advertising and Sourcing Company, with the largest network of active, Primary Care Candidates available.

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