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The technological revolution in physician recruitment – Spring 2014
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By Mark Kuzma, Owner/CEO, The Job Hub

Healthcare reform has ratcheted up pressure on hospitals and healthcare organizations to evolve. Across the country, hospitals are adapting, becoming leaner and leveraging technology to increase efficiencies. But in one area, the healthcare industry still lags behind in embracing technology: Physician recruitment.

Some of the largest healthcare systems still base their physician recruitment efforts around software like Excel spreadsheets. In today’s environment, that’s a recipe for failure.

Recent years have seen advancements in recruitment-related technologies. The most effective recruiters in the healthcare industry now use applicant tracking that automatically gather data from potential recruits, collating information from applicants and storing it for later use. Some of the newest breakthroughs are in plug-ins that make applicant tracking systems more practical for day-to-day use.

By building large internal databases of candidates, recruiters are establishing reserves of talent that they can tap into at any time. Savvy recruiters can then mine their existing records for suitable candidates, without continually starting searches from scratch.

The future will belong to the recruiters who adapt to changing times and effectively harness this technology. The recruiters with the largest, most robust internal databases of candidates will be able to effectively recruit for a fraction of the cost of their competitors. And recruiters who adapt to this new technology will also free up their staff to do what they do best: Interact with doctors instead of spending their days inputting data.

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