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Letter from the Editor – Summer 2014

By Miranda Grace, FASPR, Physician Recruiter, Geisinger Health System, Lewistown, PA the complex patients our physicians treat, our organizations are also made up of an intricate, sometimes convoluted, set of “parts” (people) that are essential to their overall health and stability. When everyone knows and perfects their function, the organization runs smoothly; however, when lines are crossed and roles are confused, chaos ensues. Where do we as physician recruitment professionals fit into the anatomy of the organization and what can we do to exercise and strengthen our portion?

The face
We often think of our CEO’s and/or physician leaders as the face of the organization; however, as physician recruitment professionals, we are commonly the first face a candidate sees. A pleasant, friendly demeanor versus a cold, tired expression can make the difference between a hire and a rejection. Be a face candidates can trust.

The voice
Many times, it is through our job postings and ads that candidates learn of available opportunities within our organization. In conversation, we share all the innovative things we’re doing and what we can offer physicians and their families. When speaking with candidates, show enthusiasm and passion. With any luck, candidates will begin to reflect that same excitement for your organization and opportunities!

The feet
Career fairs and conferences keep many recruiters on the road and face-time, we’ve learned, is an important and valuable aspect of recruiting. In taking our opportunities to the candidates, we become the feet of the organization. Making yourself accessible to candidates of interest stresses your commitment to them and the organization.

The brain
In order to share your organization’s story, you must know it. Do research, ask questions and shadow co-workers to learn as much as possible about what’s happening on the floors, in the clinics and behind the scenes. Become a resource for information to those both inside and outside the organization. While you’re not expected to know everything, candidates will expect you to know where to go to find answers.

The heart
All employees, including physician recruitment professionals, make up the heart of the organization. Our actions are the pulse that keeps the body alive. We should share in the mission, vision and values of the organization and strive to bring in candidates with the same goals in mind.

As you can see, physician recruitment professionals make up many parts in the overall body of the organization. We’re sometimes the face, the voice, the feet, the brain and the heart! Whatever role you’re in, remember the only way to do your job successfully is to work well with others and maintain a pleasant demeanor, an enthusiasm and passion for your organization and its opportunities, accessibility for your candidates, a foundation of knowledge, and a shared commitment to the organization and its values.

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