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Advantages of advertising on niche job boards – Summer 2014
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By Erin Collins, Placement Service Coordinator, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

AAOS LogoWith so many online job boards available, you must be discerning when choosing which ones to invest in for your recruitment needs. There are the big, general job boards that host large numbers and varieties of job seekers and openings. Then there are the niche or industry-specific job boards.

The general job boards have many more jobs and unqualified candidates, and at times health care employers can get lost in the mix. Niche job boards, on the other hand, are industry-specific and make it easier for candidates to find you and your jobs. The advantage with niche boards is that they have a targeted audience and can build a brand among the people they are trying to reach.

The Physician Job Placement Service of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons conducted a survey in 2012, which asked physician recruiters what they felt was the most important feature of the job boards they used. The majority chose quality of candidates over quantity. Recruiters may not get as many candidates with a niche job board but the few that they do get will be better qualified. Niche job boards tend to be far more cost effective because of the targeted audience, while with a general job board, you’re paying for the entire audience.

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