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Summer Refresh for Your Recruitment Department - Summer 2015
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By Judy Brown, Midwest Dental Support Center

Once upon a time, there used to be a definitive recruitment cycle which usually ran from August or September through about May. This resulted in a slower timeframe over the summer months where one could take a deep breathe, re-energize and prepare for the next recruitment cycle. Now, that cycle usually is running 12 months a year without much break if any for the recruitment department and staff. If you do find that you have a little break, here are a few tips to help prepare for the busy times ahead.

Focus on Self

As physician recruitment professionals, we often are functioning at top speed 24/7 with early morning meetings, phone calls and interviews in the evenings and weekends. Some individuals will find that they that are working 50 plus hours/week on a regular basis. With this time commitment, one may feel the tensions and frustrations that frequently go with this job. When there is a work slow-down, take advantage of that time to refocus on yourself. If you can, take a vacation. Get away from the office, turn off the cell phone and take in the world around you that isn’t related to your job. If you can’t take away for a vacation, at least take a little bit of time to do some of the “ME” projects you have been putting off.

Clean and Reorganize Your Office Space

A clean space helps lead to a clean mind and attitude. Take a day to clean up your office space – go through your files, both electronic and hard copy, and pitch those items that are irrelevant, file those papers that have been stacking up in a pile at the corner of your desk, clean out your desk drawers (pitch those expired energy bars, ditch that bottle of dried out nail polish, organize those paper binders).

Review Your Recruitment Processes

Take advantage of any slower times and review your recruitment processes. Are they working processes or are they processes in theory? How much do you deviate from the established processes? Why? Meet with your key stakeholders and talk about your processes. Do they need to be updated? Do new medical directors and administrators even know what the recruitment process is? Now is a good time to talk with them and review. Are there new processes such as developing a referral program? Now is a good time to work and implement these programs. It is so much easier to develop new programs and processes when there is time and commitment versus trying to implement when you, the process owner, may too busy with recruitment activities.

Plan for the Year Ahead

Take a look at your sourcing strategies for the upcoming recruitment cycle. Are they going to be effective? Is your sourcing strategy becoming too routine? Are you stuck in a rut? Take a serious look at what is planned and how effective each strategy has been for you in the past. Can you justify the time, effort and cost for each strategy? Are there new sourcing options you want to try to implement?

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