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Point/Counterpoint: Sourcing via social media - Summer 2015
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“Today the lines have been blurred regarding what is appropriate regarding an employee’s private life. What does it matter what the individual does in the privacy of their time off? Who they associate with after hours? It isn’t fair game. If the employee were to invade an employer’s privacy, it would not behoove them to discuss it in an interview, yet some employers would think nothing of discussing their profiles.”

~ Karen Mattonen – HireCentrix


“There is clearly great potential in using social media for physician recruitment. There are so many ways to connect with potential employees and I am intrigued by how many in-house recruiters have been successful in finding information about candidates. Their success has allowed me to start finding ways to use social media in my own efforts.”

~ Craig Fowler, Vice President of Training, Recruiting, and Public Relations, Pinnacle Health Group

5 surprising stats on Sourcing via Social Media

  1. 94% of recruiters use, or plan to use social media for recruitment. This number has increased steadily for the last 6 years. (Source: Jobvite)
  2. Employers who used social media to hire found a 49% improvement in candidate quality over candidates sourced only through traditional recruiting channels. (Source: Jobvite)
  3. 89% of all recruiters report having hired someone through LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter trailed by a wide margin, reaching only 26% and 15% respectively. (Source: Herd Wisdom)
  4. 59% of recruiters rated candidates sourced from social networks as “highest quality.” But only 21% of candidates say they found their favorite or best job through a social network. (Source: Jobvite)
  5. Companies that have formal candidate relationship processes (such as through software), and that track all their applicant communications, are 40% more likely to be “best in class”. (Source: Aberdeen Group)

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