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A doctor’s story: Why one doctor chose to work in a rural hospital - Winter 2015

By Chuck Ebel, Vice President, Byron Locums

A couple of years ago, we assisted a medium sized hospital in a rural part of the country with recruiting a hospitalist of Indian descent. Having followed up with the physician over time, we have found that she not only enjoys working there, but has flourished.

A few weeks ago, on our last follow-up with the physician, we found a few telling signs that she is there for the long haul. She and her family just bought a home and her children are settled in private schools. They have even invested in an apartment complex in the same city!

This physician was recruited from a large program in New York. After some probing, we discovered why she decided to make the transition. For her, it came down to the little things - starting with the site visit. She said the facility made her, and her family, feel welcome from the very beginning.

The contract negotiation process was another selling point. Too often, she said, discussions with hospital lawyers tended to be adversarial. She noted this lawyer was much more approachable and gave the general impression of being flexible. In the end, she felt the attorney was a partner, not an adversary. This positive negotiation process made her realize that in future dealings with the hospital, there would always be mutual respect.

Her work environment has been excellent, she says. While the patient load may be high, this has been the only difficult aspect of her job.

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