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Letter from the Editor – Winter 2015

By Miranda Grace, FASPR, Professional Staff Recruiter, Geisinger Health System, Lewistown, PA year marks the 25th anniversary of ASPR! For those who have been members since the inception, congratulations and thank you for helping shape this reputable, international organization. I am proud to be part of ASPR and all that it means to the hospitals, clinics and communities our members serve.

Over the past 25 years, ASPR has come a long way (you can read the full story of our humble beginnings later in this issue), but so has recruitment. Twenty-five years ago, [I’m told] there were no email blasts, online job boards or applicant tracking systems. Recruiters advertised their jobs in newspapers and journals, and faxed their information to residency programs across the country. Candidate flow was managed on paper and stored in filing cabinets, not on the hard-drives of office computers or laptops. Twenty-five years ago, the role of staff physician recruitment was still new and misunderstood in many organizations.

Today, with advances in technology, recruiters are able to meet candidates online, communicate with them via email and text, conduct video-enabled interviews and even send out digital credentialing packets. Many of us use social media to network, webinars to stay educated, and various software programs to track candidates. The healthcare landscape has evolved from a predominantly HMO, fee for service structure to the new ACA model we’re still trying to figure out.

As I think of how far we’ve come since the 90’s, I can’t help but dream of where we might be 25 years from now. There are so many questions: Twenty-five years from now will recruitment professionals have a seat at the executive table? How will physicians and recruiters connect? What specialties will be the most difficult to recruit? Will there really be a physician shortage? What will healthcare even look like?

Though no one knows the future, we can be ready for it with help from ASPR. Just as recruitment has, and will continue to evolve over time, so will this organization. We will continue to strive to meet your needs and provide educational content through JASPR, Fellowship, Webinars and the Annual Conference to help prepare you for the future - just as we’ve done for the past 25 years.

Thank you all for your continued support of ASPR and JASPR!

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