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Around the web: ASPR news and views - Winter/Spring 2016
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5 essential ingredients to physician leadership
Leadership in healthcare requires a different skill set than it does in other types of businesses, Robert Pearl, M.D., CEO of the Permanente Medical Group, wrote in a recent commentary for Forbes. To truly engage physicians and effect change, healthcare leaders should hone the following techniques...Read more by clicking here.

How to groom physicians to be the right kind of healthcare leaders
We, as a nation, do a poor job providing the expertise physicians need to take on leadership roles. Jay Conger of Claremont McKenna College jokingly calls our approach the “French school of swim instruction.” Throw people into the deepest part of the pool, trust that one way or another they will figure out how to reach the edge, and don’t worry if they swallow a lot of water in the process. Read more by clicking here.

5 steps to become a physician leader
Although physicians trade in some independence when they become employed by an organization, a new world of leadership opportunities can open. For many employed physicians, administrative positions offer the chance to make a difference on a larger scale, ease up on the number of patients they see and potentially boost their earnings, according to an article from Medscape. Read more by clicking here.

The 6 skills every successful physician leader needs
The call for physician leaders has grown louder with time, as systems face changing cost structures, services, and payment structures. The need for physicians to be engaged in these roles must be part of the discussion around evidence-based management. Read more by clicking here.

Leadership for professionals: Developing physicians
Spearheaded by the Ontario Medical Association and created by a number of dedicated individuals, the Physician Leadership Development Program has “changed the lives” of its participants. Results of a survey and interviews with physicians from the first four cohorts reveal the program’s key strengths and how it is beginning to have a significant impact on the province’s health care system. Read more by clicking here.

Recruiting rural doctors means recruiting their spouses too, says Alberta study
A new study from the University of Calgary finds that when it comes to recruiting physicians to set up practice in rural Canada, it’s helpful to consider the spouse’s perspective. Read more by clicking here.

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