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Letter from the Editor - Winter/Spring 2016
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By Judy Brown, FASPR, Provider Employment Specialist, Hennepin County Medical Center

Leadership — it impacts our lives on a daily basis — whether through our interactions with our executive and physician leadership or through our own leadership capabilities. In our roles as physician recruitment professionals, we deal with our executive and physician leadership on a much grander scale than many other individuals in the organization. How we communicate and interact with our leaders and navigate the often intricate and complicated leadership structures of our organizations can sometimes lead to our success or failure to effectively recruit physicians and other providers to our healthcare systems.

The leadership landscape of many healthcare organizations has been in a constant state of change. As I speak with my colleagues, it seems like many of them are seeing a lot of turnover in the c-suite and more demands placed upon the organization and physician recruitment staff as new leadership takes the helm. This change can be disruptive to the flow of provider recruitment and can add stress to our daily job.

In this issue, we are addressing some of these issues and focusing on the topic of leadership over all. As physician recruitment professionals we are leaders in our organization, whether we have a designated title of leadership or not. We are being asked to execute responsibilities that can have a great impact on our organizations. We need to be able to interact with our leadership teams in a highly effective manner and communicate in a way that fosters collaboration from bottom up and top down. We hope you will find this issue to be helpful as you build upon your own leadership skills and better understand how you can work with your leadership teams.

On another topic, I want to take a moment to update you on the editorial team for JASPR. Miranda Grace has stepped down from her role as editor. She recently had a baby and is focusing her time on family and work. I want to thank Miranda for her service to JASPR and appreciate all the time, work and service she has provided. She has done an exemplary job. I congratulate her on her new addition to her family and wish her all the best. In light of this, the Board of Directors approved the re-appointment of Lori Jackson Norris as co-editor. She previously served as a co-editor of JASPR with me during my last term and then with Miranda during her first year on the team. I am very excited to work with Lori again. Last, I want to thank the ASPR/Ewald staff, especially Kate-Madonna Hindes and Jacquie Durant who have been invaluable in their support in publishing JASPR. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and have been ever patient and understanding as we have transitioned the editorial team. We have some great ideas for future stories and features for JASPR. As always, we encourage you to reach out to us if you would like to be involved with JASPR or have ideas for articles.

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