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ASPR Weekly - October 20, 2015

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On-Demand Tracking Tool Makes Tracking Search Data Easy

Would you like to participate in the benchmarking survey but fear collecting the data will be too much of a challenge? Then start using our On-Demand Tracking Tool. This tool allows you to easily collect your search data on a year-round basis. You may enter all of your searches and continue to edit them throughout the year. You will also have the ability to generate reports for your administration on all of your search activity. The On-Demand Tracking Tool will allow you to export your data at any time to show how many candidates you’ve received, interviews conducted, offers made, and acceptances for each of your searches. When the benchmarking survey opens, you will be able to conveniently upload all of the search data directly into the collection tool with very little time or effort.

How to Access the On-Demand Tracking Tool:

The On-Demand Tracking Tool is located in the ASPR Benchmarking Portal.  If you have not already created a username and password, you will need to do so (these may be different from your ASPR username and password).

Once you log in for the first time, you will need to provide your contact information. After this step and for subsequent logins, you will see that the ASPR Benchmarking Portal offers three options:

  • On-Demand Tracking
  • Access Reports & Searchable Data (for previous surveys you have participated in or purchased)
  • Participate in the Survey (available only during survey months)

How to Use the On-Demand Tracking Tool:

Select the On-Demand Tracking option to begin and then select “Add Search” to complete the requested data for each search you conduct throughout the year. You have the ability to edit each search so you can update them later as your search efforts progress.

You will have the ability to print or export the data to Excel at any time for all of the searches you have entered. When it is time for the next Benchmarking Survey cycle to begin, you will be able to easily and quickly upload the search data directly into the survey. 

What Data Are Collected? 

A list of search questions included in the On-Demand Tracking Tool can be found on pages 2-4 in the ASPR Benchmarking Survey Questions document.

Get started tracking your search data today. Generate valuable reports for your administration. Save yourself time and effort during the next Benchmarking Survey. Let’s get tracking!


Access the On-Demand Tracking Tool

Learn more about the ASPR Benchmarking Survey

Writers Wanted!

ASPR is seeking articles for consideration for inclusion in future issues of the Journal of the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (JASPR). The mission of JASPR is to provide strategies, practical tips and tools for improving processes and operations within the physician recruitment and retention profession.

The Journal Committee is open to receiving articles on any and all topics related to physician recruitment and retention that will be of benefit to physician recruitment professionals at all levels of experience. We will consider new content or reprints of articles you wrote for another publication or purpose. A few topics we are interested in receiving include:

  • Telemedicine
  • Immigration and Visas
  • Physician Engagement
  • Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
  • How to Use Social Media to Reach Candidates
  • Sourcing Tools and Tips
  • New Trends into 2016

Article submissions will be reviewed by ASPR’s Journal Committee. Editors will use the following criteria to evaluate articles:

  • Practical applications of material
  • Relevance to physician recruitment or retention
  • Timeliness and level of innovation of topic
  • Specificity of content
  • Overall quality and focus
  • Sophistication level of subject matter
  • Quality of writing

All submissions will be considered, but publication is not guaranteed. Submissions may be used immediately or in the future. Articles may be edited by JASPR editors at their discretion. All published articles may be utilized in other forums such as social media posts and other venues where ASPR promotes JASPR.

Please contact Judy Brown or Kate-Madonna Hindes with any questions or to submit an article. We look forward to your article submissions!

What's in Your Member Profile?

The ASPR website contains a wealth of information in your member profile.  Have you looked at your profile lately?

When you log in to the ASPR website, you will land on your Member Profile Home page. On the main Profile Home page you'll see your Feeds, Wall, Bio and photo, should you choose to upload one.

On the right side of the Member Profile page are quick links to get you to various components in your Member Profile. Following is information about each of these components. Those that require additional instructions will have information located in other How To pages.

Photo – you can upload your photo by clicking on the Photo box and selecting Add Photo.

Description: green plus– Click on this icon to access your Photos, Blogs, Files and Links, and Favorites. It is located at the top of your Profile Home page.

Pages – If you create your own Pages, you will see a link listed at the top of your Profile Home page that will provide you with a drop-down list of your pages.

Feeds – Similar to feeds on Facebook, feeds allow you to post and view continually streaming updates from your Groups and Connections you make within the community.

Wall – Again, similar to Facebook, you or others can write on or post to your Wall.

Bio – Your Bio is essentially the information you provided on your member application or during membership renewal. This section shows the information you’ve chosen to share with other members when they search your name in the Member Directory.

You can manage the settings for each of the above items in your Member Profile by selecting Preferences. You can determine who will see this information on your Member Profile Home page by selecting to make them viewable to the public, members only, or only to you and system administrators. You can learn more about these sections in other How To pages.


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