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ASPR Weekly - August 12, 2014

ASPR Weekly

August 12, 2014

Want to Win $100? Refer a New Member to ASPR!

Membership Committee Welcomes Rachel Reliford, MPA, FASPR, as New Co-Chair

Webinar Next Week: Stress Less! Know How!

JASPR Feature: Interviewing Techniques: What Works For Your Organization?

Congratulations to ASPR's Newest Fellows!

Have You Seen the New Vendor Discount Guide?

Want to Win $100? Refer a New Member to ASPR!

We’ve always appreciated you referring your colleagues to join ASPR! Did you know you can win $100 for those new member referrals? We revised our member referral program in July and you now have more chances to win! Here’s how the revised member referral program works:

  • Refer a new member to ASPR.
  • Ask the new member to list you as their referral source on their membership application.
  • Every quarter one ASPR member will be selected to win $100.
  • Multiple referrals mean multiple chances to win!
  • Entries will be tracked quarterly and will not carry over from one quarter to another.

If you have any questions about the member referral program, please contact Maddie Wagner, ASPR Communications and Marketing Coordinator.

Membership Committee Welcomes Rachel Reliford, MPA, FASPR, as New Co-Chair

ASPR is pleased to welcome Rachel Reliford, MPA, FASPR, to the ASPR Leadership Team as Co-Chair of the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee is responsible for review of membership applications and involved with membership growth and retention initiatives, as well volunteer recognition activities.

Rachel is a Senior Physician Recruiter who joined the OSF HealthCare system, located in Peoria, Illinois, in 2008. Rachel holds a bachelor's degree in Communication and Political Studies and a master’s degree in Public Administration and Policy from the University of Illinois. She earned her fellowship certification through ASPR's fellowship program in 2010.

Prior to working in physician recruitment, Rachel was employed in a variety of areas within health care including lobbying, public relations, fundraising, marketing and contract management. She served previously on the education committee and looks forward to bringing new members to the ASPR family. In her spare time Rachel enjoys traveling, volunteering, dancing and cultural events.

We’d also like to thank Tim Dybevik for his contributions to the membership committee while he served as co-chair. Tim has decided to pursue a new opportunity outside of physician recruiting and we wish him the best.

Welcome, Rachel!

Webinar Next Week: Stress Less! Know How!

Feeling stressed lately? Then register today for next week’s webinar: Stress Less! Know How!

Date: August 20, 2014
Time: 10 a.m. PT / Noon CT / 1 p.m. ET
Presenter: Iris Grimm, The Balanced Physician

Stress, tight deadlines, other people’s expectations and challenging requests are just part of your daily job as a physician recruiter where you have little control over outcomes. But what you have control over is who you are being and how you respond to the circumstances; that is always your choice.

This webinar is designed to provide you with practical solutions that you can immediately apply to reduce your stress, increase your job satisfaction, and get more done.

Learning Objectives:
During this webinar, you will learn and discuss:

  1. The 3 main stress categories and the 3 simple responses you have no matter what life and work throws at you.
  2. Concrete solutions on how to control the following stressors:
    • Being asked to take on more responsibility or work.
    • Frustrations with key stakeholders not doing their part during the recruitment process.
    • How to leave stress at home while enjoying vacations and weekends.
  3. The importance of stress relief.
  4. The most underutilized skill that solves every stressful situation.

Register Now

JASPR Feature: Interviewing Techniques: What Works For Your Organization?

By Lori Jackson Norris, FASPR, Senior Physician Recruiter, Dignity Health

During a recent ASPR webinar titled “Coaching for successful interviews,” Sheri Shaw, FASPR, polled her audience on several topics. The first question, “Has your organization ever made a bad hire?” got an unsurprising response with about 95 percent answering yes. The second question asked participants if their organizations utilize an interviewing tool for provider candidates. About 60 percent said they do. When Shaw asked specifically if behavioral interviewing was among the tools, approximately 60 percent responded no.

Shaw, who leads the advanced practice provider recruitment for Indiana University Health, is a certified behavioral interviewing trainer. Understandably, she encourages the use of this technique and urged webinar participants to take the time to “strongly coach” all staff members involved in the interviewing process.

“We have candidates’ lives in our hands. We need to respect this and be prepared to interview,” Shaw said. “Make sure every interviewer involved in the process has a purpose. Candidates are going to be more impressed by an organization that has an interview process in place…an organization that is prepared to ask the tough questions.”

In Hartford, Conn., Patti Lowicki manages the interview process for her organization, along with input from key leaders. She is the director of physician and advanced practice provider recruitment and integration for Hartford HealthCare, a five-hospital system with a large multi-specialty medical foundation. The system hires approximately 100 physicians per year, as well as approximately 25 advanced practice providers per year for the medical group.

Read more.

Congratulations to ASPR's Newest Fellows!

Congratulations to the following ASPR members for recently becoming certified as Fellows of ASPR (FASPRs)!

  • Bonnie Barton, Desert Neonatology, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Mandie Presser, SoutheastHEALTH, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
  • Cris (Heiser) Williams, WellSpan Health, York, Pennsylvania

As a certified Fellow of ASPR (FASPR), you demonstrate to peers, employers and physicians your commitment to continuing education and excellence in the discipline of physician recruitment.

Are you interested in becoming certified as a FASPR? ASPR’s Fellowship Program is the most comprehensive, authoritative resource for individuals seeking to develop and test their skills and knowledge within a broad spectrum of topics including physician/provider recruitment, onboarding and retention, human resources and relevant legal issues.

Whether you are new to in-house physician recruitment or a seasoned veteran, there’s tremendous value in attaining Fellowship certification. We’ll provide an in-depth view of recruiting basics such as sourcing, screening and interviewing, as well as delve deeply into more advanced topics such as interpreting benchmarking metrics and understanding/ implementing medical staff development plans. This cost effective and affordable program provides invaluable firsthand information taught by experienced experts and provides you with resources, best practices, and cutting edge training specific to in-house physician recruitment professionals.

Learn more.

Have You Seen the New Vendor Discount Guide?

ASPR is pleased to announce we now have a Vendor Discount Guide on our website. To view the guide, log in to your Member Profile and select Members Only --> Resources --> Vendor Discount Guide.

The vendors listed in the Vendor Discount Guide offer a discount to ASPR members. To receive your discount, contact the company representative and introduce yourself as an ASPR member. Vendors may offer any of the following discounts:

Examples of discounts might be:

  • A fixed % off your normal price
  • A fixed $ amount off your normal price
  • A free product or service with purchase

Check the Vendor Discount Guide first when you are looking for a new product or service to help you in your recruiting efforts!

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