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ASPR Weekly - September 16, 2014

ASPR Weekly

September 16, 2014

2015 ASPR Annual Conference Call for Proposals Now Open

On-Demand Tracking Tool Makes Recording Search Data Easy

Build Your Pipeline with ASPR's Residency Education Presentations and Tools

Benchmarking Report Shows Increased Investment in Physician Recruitment

Webinar Next Week: The Who, What, When and Why of Reporting to Administration

2015 ASPR Annual Conference Call for Proposals Now Open

Call for PresentationsThe Call for Proposals for the 2015 ASPR Annual Conference is now open! Annual Conference breakout sessions are designed to provide strategies, practical tips and tools for improving processes and operations within the physician recruitment and retention profession. In order to ensure a balanced conference program, all submissions are reviewed, evaluated and selected by the ASPR Education Committee. ASPR Members who present will receive a FREE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION and a $500 stipend. (Note: Only one registration and stipend will be offered per session, regardless of the number of presenters. Travel expenses are not reimbursable.)

Topics for proposals are listed in the Call for Proposals and fall into three Learning Tracks: Marketing and Sourcing, Trends in Healthcare/Health Policy, and Adding Value…Other Duties as Assigned.

New for 2015, ASPR will also be offering two in-depth sessions. Presenters will be allotted approximately one hour and 45 minutes per session, inclusive of speaker introduction and Q&A. The topics of interest for these sessions are: Effective Marketing Campaigns, Effective Sourcing for the New Recruiter and Medical Staff Development Planning.

Share your expertise with your colleagues or recommend someone to submit a proposal. Proposals must be submitted online via the ASPR website by the close of business (5 p.m. Eastern) Friday, October 10, 2014.

Please feel free to contact ASPR Executive Director, Jennifer Metivier, FASPR with any questions.

On-Demand Tracking Tool Makes Recording Search Data Easy

Would you like to participate in the benchmarking survey but fear collecting the data will be too much of a challenge? Then start using our On-Demand Tracking Tool. This tool allows you to easily collect your search data on a year-round basis. You may enter all of your searches and continue to edit them throughout the year. You will also have the ability to generate reports for your administration on all of your search activity. The On-Demand Tracking Tool will allow you to export your data at any time to show how many candidates you’ve received, interviews conducted, offers made, and acceptances for each of your searches. When the benchmarking survey opens, you will be able to conveniently upload all of the search data directly into the collection tool with very little time or effort.

How to Access the On-Demand Tracking Tool
The On-Demand Tracking Tool is located in the ASPR Benchmarking Portal. If you have not already created a username and password you will need to do so (note these may be different from your ASPR username and password).

Once you log in for the first time you will be required to provide your contact information. After this step and for subsequent logins, you will see that the ASPR Benchmarking Portal offers three options:

  • On-Demand Tracking
  • Access Reports & Searchable Data (for previous surveys you have participated in or purchased)
  • Participate in the Survey (available only during survey months)

How to Use the On-Demand Tracking Tool
Select the On-Demand Tracking option to begin and then select “Add Search” to complete the requested data for each search you conduct throughout the year. You have the ability to edit each search so you can update them later as your search efforts progress. You will have the ability to print or export the data to excel at any time for all of the searches you have entered. When it is time for the next Benchmarking Survey cycle to begin, you will be able to easily and quickly upload the search data directly into the survey.

What Information is Collected?
A list of search questions included in the On-Demand Tracking Tool can be found on pages 2-4 in the ASPR Benchmarking Survey Questions document.

Get started tracking your search data today. Generate valuable reports for your administration. Save yourself time and effort during the next Benchmarking Survey. Let’s get tracking!

Access the On-Demand Tracking Tool.

Learn more about the ASPR Benchmarking Report and Survey.

Build Your Pipeline with ASPR's Residency Education Presentations and Tools

Many ASPR members provide educational presentations to help residents and fellows with their job searches. We do this for two reasons – first to provide helpful information to trainees that they would otherwise not receive from their programs, and second, to have an opportunity for face to face contact with them since they may want one of the positions we’re recruiting for!

ASPR is pleased to provide our members with resources to help educate residents and fellows on a variety of topics that will assist them with their job search as they transition from resident to attending. These resources will help you empower residents and fellows as they launch and manage their job search. Our hope is that ASPR members will provide education at their local and regional training programs and refer residents and fellows to the ASPR website to connect directly with our members.

You will find the resident education resources in the Members Only section of the ASPR website. There are several PowerPoint presentations geared toward residents, as well as some geared toward Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. You will also find some additional documents available to download and share with residents that cover individual topics in more detail. Our “toolbox” also provides recommendations on how to use the resources and tips on gaining access to training programs.

Please use these resources and if the residents and fellows are not interested in staying in your area, please refer them to the Physician Resources section of our website to search our physician job board and connect with colleagues in other parts of the country.

Benchmarking Report Shows Increased Investment in Physician Recruitment

2014 ASPR In-house Physician Recruitment Benchmarking SurveyThe 2014 ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report highlights increased investments by healthcare organizations in their in-house physician recruitment programs, as well as growing shortages for primary care providers.

The report, based on nearly 5,000 physician and advanced practice provider searches conducted in 2013 by 145 healthcare organizations across the country, shows an increase in recruitment activity and investment between 2012 and 2013. The median number of provider searches conducted per organization increased from 20 to 26, the median number of in-house physician recruitment professionals per organization grew from one to two and annual recruitment budgets increased from a median of $245,000 to $321,000 from 2012 to 2013. Growth in these areas is an indicator that healthcare organizations are increasing their investments in their in-house physician recruitment departments.

“We’re seeing healthcare organizations putting a greater emphasis on physician recruitment as a result of the growing demand for healthcare providers and increasing levels of difficulty in filling open positions,” says Suzanne Anderson, associate director of medical staff recruitment at Duke University Medical Center and ASPR benchmarking project leader. “The increase in staffing levels and annual budgets shows that healthcare organizations understand they must invest in their recruitment programs in order to be successful and meet the healthcare needs of their communities.

The 2014 ASPR Benchmarking Report provides mission-critical recruitment data to help refine processes and improve planning to meet the increasingly competitive demand for top provider talent.

The report provides access to key national and regional benchmarking including:

  • Percentage of searches filled
  • Time to fill by specialty
  • Most challenging searches
  • Interview-to-hire ratios
  • Number of searches per recruiter
  • Annual recruitment budgets
  • And more!

Access the 2014 Benchmarking Report Executive Summary.

Purchase the 2014 Benchmarking Report and searchable data.

Webinar Next Week: The Who, What, When and Why of Reporting to Administration

Date: September 24, 2014
Time: 10 a.m. PT / Noon CT / 1 p.m. ET
Presenters: From The Cleveland Clinic, Office of Physician Recruitment: Lauren Judd, AASPR, Department Manager, Nathan Elting, Physician Recruiter and Michael Palinchik, AASPR, Physician Recruiter
Sponsored by:

You put a lot of time and effort into filling positions, but are you getting recognized for your efforts and accomplishments? This is one of the reasons why reporting to administration is an integral part of physician recruitment. But who do you report to? What information do you report? When is the information presented and why is reporting so important? The presenters will discuss reporting tools and tactics that anyone can incorporate into their model of physician recruitment. Even if you don’t have a fancy database or tracking system, you can still create reports and present useful information to justify your role in the organization and show that you are the expert when it comes to physician recruitment. Presenters will share sample reports and also incorporate industry trends and benchmarks into the discussion to show how this information ties into what you report to administration.

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The Who, What, When and Why of Reporting to Administration
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