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Forums How To

What is a Forum?

ASPR Forums are a communication tool to ask industry related questions and share information. Forum discussions are archived and therefore a great resource to check when seeking information. ASPR has several Forums on different industry topics and there are also Forums available within Groups that you may be a member of.   You can access the ASPR Forums from the Members Only section, then selecting Resources and Forums. 

If you are a member of a Group, for example ASPR Chapters or ASPR Committees are all Groups, you may also join Group Forums which are open and accessible only to members of the Group.

How Do I Subscribe to a Forum?

Go to the Forum that you'd like to join (in Resources in the Members Only section) or in the appropriate Group.  Select which Forum you'd like to join.  Each topic under each heading is an individual Forum. In the example below, you can see that Marketing/Sourcing, Screening, Interview Process, and Other are all individual Forums under the Recruitment Process heading.

To subscribe to one of the Forums:

  • Click the topic of interest, for example Marketing/Sourcing.
  • Next, select your choice from the Forum Actions menu (see the example below). 
  • Subscribe to Instant Updates will send you an email every time someone posts a new question or response.
  • Subscribe to Digest will email you a weekly summary of the Forums posts and responses.
  • My Subscriptions & Settings brings you to a summary of all of your Forum subscriptions and settings.
  • RSS will allow you to use an RSS reader for the feed, but will still require a log in.
  • Top Posters allows you to see who has been most active on the Forum.


How Do I Manage My Forum Settings?

You must first subscribe to a Forum before you are able to set up your Preferences.  Once you've subscribed, just click on My Subscriptions & Settings from the Forum Actions menu, or to Forum Settings in Manage Profile.

Once you are in your Forum Settings, you can change your options for Weekly Digests or Instant Updates.  You can also create a unique signature for your postings within Forum.

How Do I Post a Question or Response in a Forum?

Click on the Forum Topic that you'd like to participate in and click on the "New Topic" or the "Reply" link at the top. You can earn Gamification Points for posting questions and responses in the Forum (5 points for each post!). 


  • Edit - You can Edit a posting or response that you've made. 
  • Report - If you think the post is inappropriate or a violation of ASPR policies, you can Report it. 
  • Permalink -  If you'd like to Bookmark a discussion in a Forum, you can use the Permalink option and the post will be posted to your "Files and Links" area of your Member Profile.
  • Quote - You can Quote someones posting by selecting the Quote option and then post it in a Forum.
  • Search - You are able to use the Search function in the Forum to search on key words to help you find information you're looking for.
Please note that the Chat Code of Conduct and other ASPR policies apply to the Forum. Please follow the same rules.

Rating a Forum Post

You are able to give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" rating to a Forum post.  Just click on the icons at the top of the posts.  The more "thumbs up" scores a post have, the more stars it will receive.  You can also earn Gamification Points for rating Forum Posts.  You will earn 1 point for every rating that you give


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