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ASPR Weekly - November 22, 2011
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ASPR Weekly

November 22, 2011

Reminder: ASPR Bylaws Amendment – Your Vote is Needed

Membership Group Discounts Coming Soon

Physician Recruitment 201 Module – February 12, Miami

CE and Fellowship Certificates Available in My ASPR

ASPR Press Releases

Reminder: ASPR Bylaws Amendment – Your Vote is Needed

The ASPR Membership & Marketing (M&M) Committee holds the responsibility for ensuring all ASPR applicants meet the membership eligibility definitions established by the ASPR Bylaws.

The M&M Committee along with the ASPR Board of Directors supports the creation of two new membership categories and has further delineated other eligibility criteria. Since some of the proposed changes would impact member benefits, the amendment to the Bylaws must be approved by members with a majority vote.

Please carefully review the proposed Bylaw changes and indicate whether you approve or disapprove of the changes by casting your vote by 5PM CST November 29. If the amendment to the Bylaws is approved by membership, it would take effect on December 1, 2011. Members would be re-categorized as appropriate upon their membership renewal date thereafter.  If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Metivier, Executive Director, at

View the changes to the bylaws and cast your vote.

Membership Group Discounts Coming Soon

ASPR is pleased to announce the availability of membership group discounts!  We realize that many organizations have additional people that could benefit greatly from becoming a member of ASPR Some organizations alternate memberships between recruiters from year to year and could benefit from a group discount so that all of their recruiters could be members all of the time. 

To this end, ASPR has developed a group discount structure that will help organizations save money on their ASPR memberships. The details of the program are as follows:

  • 1-5 members pay regular membership dues
  • 6-10 members – organization pays $1,500 flat rate
  • 11-20 members – organization pays $2,750 flat rate
  • 21-40 members – organization pays $5,250 flat rate
  • Programs for larger organizations may be developed on an individual basis

An employing organization may be national, it does not have to be within a defined region, state, or locality, but each member must be employed by an affiliated organization (i.e. regional groups of recruiters whose employers are not affiliated may not sign up under the group membership discount).


The employing organization must have one primary contact that will be responsible for initially signing all group members up at one time.

Group memberships will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.  If members of the group are converting from an individual membership to a group discount, they may lose part of their annual individual membership due to the timing of the transition. For example, if your membership is due to expire in March and your organization signs up for the group discount program in January, you will lose the portion of your previous membership that would have covered you from January through March.

Due to the large number of ASPR members that renew in the month of December and the timing of the roll out of this new program, ASPR will allow anyone who has already paid dues for December or January renewals, to apply those funds towards a new group member discount if the group signs up before the end of January. No other credits or refunds will be provided for those undergoing a transition to the group discount program.

An organization may add or remove members throughout the year as long as they remain within the maximum of their group range. If someone is added to the group mid-way through the year, their membership will still expire at the same time as the rest of the group (i.e. everyone in the group has the same expiration date). 

Even though you are registering under a group discount, your membership will still be considered your own.  In fact, if you leave your organization where you were part of a group discount program, you can carry your membership with you under your own name for the remainder of that organization’s membership term.   The organization that you’re leaving will still be able to replace you within their group discount program and you will still able to maintain your benefits as well. 

If your organization is interested in taking advantage of the group discount program, they can sign your organization up at  If you or one of your administrators has questions, please contact Member Services at 800-830-ASPR.  The more members you sign up, the better the deal!

Physician Recruitment 201 Module – February 12, Miami

You take your career seriously. Now take it to the next level. 

PracticeMatch Conference in Miami, FLAs a certified Fellow of ASPR (FASPR), you demonstrate to your peers, employer, and physicians your commitment to continuing education and excellence in the discipline of physician recruitment. Our Fellowship program is the most comprehensive authoritative resource for individuals seeking to develop and test their skills and knowledge within a broad spectrum of topics including physician/provider recruitment, onboarding and retention, human resources, and relevant legal issues.

ASPR is pleased to announce that the Physician Recruitment 201 Module, part of the ASPR Fellowship Certification Program, will be offered in conjunction with the PracticeMatch Recruiter's Conference on February 12, 2012 at the Royal Palm Hotel in Miami, FL.

The Physician Recruitment 201 Module topics include:

  • Current trends in compensation
  • Effective sourcing for advanced practice providers
  • Understanding the components of a relocation policy
  • Effective physician onboarding programs
  • Practical advice on developing a retention program

If you're looking for opportunities to advance your career as an in-house physician recruitment professional, register for the Physician Recruitment 201 Module today! Learn more at and register at!

ASPR Webinar Next Week: Rural Recruitment and Retention – If it was Easy, They Wouldn’t Need Us

Date: November 30, 2011
Time: 11:00 am PT / 1:00 pm CT / 2:00 pm ET
Presenter: Tim Skinner, Executive Director, 3RNet
Cost: Members/Free; Non-members/$99
Details and Online Registration

The principles of recruitention (hard to say, essential to do) are pretty similar from urban, to rural communities.  However, rural physician recruiters need to be as good at the process as urban recruiters, and need to use all the tools available, not just a few.  We need to be exceptionally responsive to candidates from the first contact to the job offer and beyond as the process moves into retention.  We’ll discuss HPSAs, Loan Repayment Programs, Signing Bonuses, Comp and Benefits, Expectations, Screening, Interviewing, and the other components of recruitention.  Why cover all this in one webinar?  Because you will ask the questions that concern you, and attendees will share experiences – it’s what we do and we have amongst us some very sharp people.

Don’t forget, all past ASPR Monthly Webinars are available for viewing on-demand. Advance your career while obtaining CE credits.

ASPR Press Releases

ASPR occasionally produces press releases about programs and events such as our annual conference and benchmarking survey.   Check out our most recent press releases on our website:

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Live Webinar Series: Rural Recruitment and Retention – If it was Easy, They Wouldn’t Need Us
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Benchmarking Survey Opens for submissions
Benchmarking Survey Details
ASPR 201 Fellowship Module at the PracticeMatch Conference in Miami, FL
Details and Registration

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