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Journal of ASPR - Winter 2013 - Three ways to increase candidate response
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Three ways to increase candidate response

By Ken Allman, Founder and CEO of—The Online Physician Job Bank & Magazine so often, it’s a good idea to review your recruitment toolbox to make sure you are getting the best possible results from your efforts. By finessing your messages with these three tips in mind, you’ll increase your response from candidates—and get a bigger bang for your buck.

1. Include as much detail as possible in your job headlines.

When providing a brief overview of an opportunity—also known as a “job headline” on—it is important to supply as much detail as possible. After all, the job headline may be the only thing a physician sees before deciding to click or skip your posting. Your goal should be to get the candidate’s attention so they will open the posting and ultimately respond. If you are planning to provide a salary figure, signing bonus, or other perk, include it in the job headline.

Consider these three job headlines. Which would create more interest among job seekers?

Physician – Anesthesiologist
› Anesthesiologist needed immediately.

Physician – Anesthesiologist
› Immediate hospital opening 40 min south of Chicago

Physician – Anesthesiologist
› Immediate hospital opening 40 min south of Chicago—loan repayment available

Try this: Search for a job as if you were a physician. Which headlines make you want to learn more about the opportunity? What makes some headlines more enticing than others? What can you learn from these successful headlines?

2. Take the time to personalize your emails.

Have you ever received an email that was addressed to the wrong person—or to “Dear Ms./Mr.”? Chances are you deleted it. Don’t make it easy for a candidate to delete your emails, too.

Make sure to personalize all emails to candidates. It can be as simple as using their name in the greeting. Take it a step further by telling the candidate why you’ve decided to contact them in particular. This is especially helpful if you’re reaching out to a candidate who lists geographic preferences outside your facility’s location. Tell the candidate why you think they might enjoy your location, too. For example, “I know you said you wanted to live in the Northeast; here’s why I think you might be interested in our town…” Use the information reported in PracticeLink’s inDepth Candidate Interviews to further personalize your emails.

Try this: Take a minute to test your email so that you can verify that your mail merge works. Imagine all the hard work you put into your email, only to have it reach an inbox saying “Dear Dr. ,” or “Dear Dr. Last Name”

Taking a few extra minutes to set up and test your emails can make a difference in how many candidates respond.

3. Include your location in everything you do.

It’s no secret that location is a top concern of job-seeking physicians; therefore, include the opportunity’s city and any helpful geographic context, such as distance to a large city or other attraction.

You may be thinking, “Great family medicine opportunity in Stanley” but the physician is thinking, “I want to be within 20 miles of family in Charlotte, NC.” Those two examples would point to the same opportunity, though that could be unclear to someone unfamiliar with the area.

Take a look at your online job headlines, print ads and other material. Do you make it easy for candidates to quickly decide if your location will fit their needs?

Try this: Take a moment to brainstorm with your current physicians, residents, and marketing team about what makes your location attractive. Are you close to a major airport? Near a major highway? Accessible to big cities, college towns or idyllic rural areas? What about your geography—lakes, mountains, rivers, farms—attracted the people who already work at your facility? Use their answers in your marketing material and job postings.

To help you receive the most response possible for your opportunities, PracticeLink holds free 30-minute webinars every Thursday afternoon. If you’d like to join a webinar, request one-on-one training or simply have another set of eyes review your job postings with these tips in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or (800) 776-8383.

Journal of ASPR - Winter 2013

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