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Journal of ASPR - Spring 2013 - Taking an interest in Pinterest
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Taking an interest in Pinterest

By Miranda Grace, DASPR, Physician Recruiter, Lewistown Hospital

Miranda Grace

Pinterest Tips & Tricks

Create boards for specific topics that you’d like to pin. For example, an “Our Community” board could highlight unique features of your community that might interest potential candidates. Other boards that may be helpful to include might be:

  • Restaurants
  • Education
  • Real Estate


When an image is pinned to a board, it is posted for all your followers to see. Pins are posted to boards based on their content. When clicked, the pin can be traced back to the website from which it was drawn.


You may also repin something you see on the site. To do so, just hover on the photo. In the top left corner, a Repin button will appear. Click this and choose which board you’d like to add this to. It’s simple, easy, and fast!


You may also like a pin that you see on the site. To do so, just hover over the photo. On the top of the image, a “Like” button will appear. Click on it and reference your liked pins once back to your home screen.

For examples of Pinterest boards, visit: or

When it comes to social media use in recruitment, Kendra Hall is on top of things! Kendra, Greenville Hospital System (GHS) University Medical Center’s physician recruiter of almost two years, has been a social media guru since its inception. When the opportunity arose to implement social media in her recruitment strategy, she jumped on it; ­particularly, when her marketing team brought up the use of Pinterest. “I went straight home and started to set up our page,” Kendra explained, “Right now, Pinterest is the third most popular social media site out there, when job seekers start to use it, I’ll be ahead of the game.”

For those who aren’t familiar, Pinterest is a social media site used solely to post or “pin” images to particular “boards” designated by the “pinner” or user. Each image can be uploaded by the “pinner” directly, or pinned via the web, which then allows followers to track the image back to the page from where it was originally drawn.

Kendra hopes that as her Pinterest page grows, she can direct all of her candidates to the site. “It’s a neat way to put everything in one place,” she said. Using the site as a resource for recruitment is what Kendra likes most, “It’s a great storage place for information. If a candidate asks me about something in particular, I can go to the board where it is pinned and find it quickly and easily.” She also appreciates how well it integrates with other social media platforms (i.e. Facebook and Twitter).

The first step to setting up a Pinterest page for recruitment is deciding what to pin. Kendra thought about what their candidates might want to see when considering a job with GHS; therefore, she decided to include restaurants, photos of the community, hospital news, and more. When possible, she adds in some humor too, “I added a ‘Southernisms’ board to feature the charm and hospitality that comes with southern living. It’s kind of quirky too.” Currently, she has 29 boards that cover a wide array of areas that she felt candidates might be interested in. Her advice to recruiters who are looking to set up a Pinterest page for their organization, “Definitely add the Pinterest Pin It Button to your internet browser’s toolbar. It makes it quick and easy to add information that you stumble upon throughout your day.”

Kendra believes that the success of Pinterest in recruitment is bound to sky-rocket. Because the site recently allowed companies to establish pages, she believes more and more people will be using it for recruitment. “I also feel that because Pinterest is image-driven, it’s a time saver for those looking for a job. While it may only take one minute to read a job posting, it only takes five seconds to glace at a photo. If the candidate is interested, they can click on the photo and it’ll take them to the job posting to read at that time.”

Whether you’re social media savvy or just getting started, it’s worth your effort to take an interest in Pinterest.

Some more tips from Kendra:

  • Follow relevant boards. For example, from Pinterest, I did a search of “Greenville, SC” and found boards entitled “Things to Do in Greenville, SC”, “Favorite Places and Spaces”…other pinners will do most of the work for you.
  • Use interesting images and add descriptions to each pin.
  • Include relevant keywords — they are searchable!
  • Most important tip: Use Pinterest with extreme caution. It can be addictive.

Editor’s Note: Soon after speaking with Kendra, she emailed me to let me know that a physician in a very difficult to fill pediatrics specialty had long been interested in Greenville but could not decide his next move. After debating for some time, he ­decided not to pursue a position with them because his wife was not interested in the area; however, ­after directing him (and his wife who happens to love Pinterest) to her page, they decided to visit after all!

Journal of ASPR - Spring 2013

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