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Journal of ASPR - Summer 2013 - Five game changers in email marketing
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Five game changers in email marketing

By Ann Lamb, Regional Sales Manager, Contact Physicians

Contact PhysiciansAccording to a study by Pardot (a lead-nurturing and marketing automation company), most people now spend more time reading their emails than surfing the web. Email is one of the most powerful mediums that you can use to talk to candidates. Following these five tips when you are emailing candidates will help push through the clutter they receive on a daily basis and get your message delivered.

Get recipients to read your email
The subject line is the first thing your target audience will see. It has to be enticing enough to get them to open the email. A good subject line should contain no more than 30 to 50 characters. Always use action verbs and write it as a headline to grab the audience’s attention.

Keep your email short
Less is more. Keep your text short and to the point — too much text could get your email deleted or trigger spam filters.

Tie emails to landing pages
When writing your email, insert links to landing pages to lead recipients to related content on your website. If you have the technology, utilize tracking tools to see which email/landing pages performed the best and then incorporate that intelligence in future marketing efforts.

Use content marketing to build a relationship
When developing email messaging, it is important to think like your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and figure out what content or data they might be interested in – and when the timing is right, put it in front of them.

Balance the frequency of contact
Touching your candidates with relevant information is important but you do not want to overwhelm them or they will opt out of your email marketing. Balancing the timing of your message with relevant content is key.

Get Results
Visit Ann Lamb, Regional Sales Manager, Contact Physicians, at the ASPR Annual Conference, Booth #103. Pick up a copy of the Cejka Search Residents and Fellows Survey and learn how Contact Physicians can be a comprehensive resource for accurate US physician resident and fellow graduate contact information. For more information, visit or contact Ann at 800.296.1591 or

Journal of ASPR - Summer 2013

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