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ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report

The ASPR Benchmarking Report provides a detailed analysis of key statistics experienced by in-house recruitment professionals from the last calendar year.  Based on confidential surveys representing over 6500 searches nationwide, the report includes a compilation and analysis of: organizations by which recruitment professionals are employed; active searches performed; in-house physician recruiter profile statistics; compensation data of in-house physician recruiters and departmental expenses. 

The survey includes:

Contact: Contact information for the person completing the survey and the person who will receive the final report.

Demographics: Basic information about your organization, your department, and your work as a whole.

Recruiter Profile: Information regarding title, education, experience, certifications, etc. on each member of the recruitment department including non-recruiters.

Recruitment Compensation: Information regarding compensation (base and bonus) for each member of the department. NOTE: Compensation data is collected directly from the organization’s HR representative.

Expenses: Information in this section is intended to capture all costs associated with development or management of an organization’s in-house recruitment department. Because of this, you should include expenses charged back to internal departments, but exclude fees charged to practices not owned by the reporting organization. It is designed to allow entry directly from the annual budget.

Searches: Information specific to each search you worked on during the year, such as specialty, population, number of applicants, the current status of the search, etc.

Download the 2018 Benchmarking Infographic


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