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Benefits of In-House Physician Recruitment Programs

There are many benefits to having an in-house physician recruitment program that will have a positive impact on your organization and the community you serve.  These benefits range from financial, to better physician retention, to improved efficiencies in work flow.  If you don’t already have an in-house physician recruitment program, please read on to learn how it may benefit you.

Lower Your Budget!

Just as hospitals and other healthcare organizations often look at their expenses in terms of “cost per case”, those responsible for recruiting physicians to their organizations look at “cost per placement” as a measure of their fiscal efficiency. The return on investment for an in-house recruitment program lies in this number.

Any organization hoping to recruit more than seven physicians per year, should seriously consider an in-house recruitment program. Some organizations may save with fewer placements; it will depend on your overhead expenses, but it may still be worth consideration. With placement fees from recruitment firms in the range of $20,000 or more per placement, it is worth taking time to do the calculations for your organization. ASPR can teach you how!

Success Defined Your Way!

If you define success by not just filling positions for the short term, but in building lasting professional practices for the long term, an in-house recruiting program may be the key to unlocking better physician retention rates for your organization.

As a healthcare executive, you know that the cost of employee turnover can be staggering. When you consider physician employees, turnover can be even more devastating because losing a physician means losing part of your capacity to generate revenue. A certain amount of turnover cannot be avoided, but turnover due to a mismatch between a physician and your organization or community must be minimized.

An in-house recruitment professional can help ensure success because as an employee of your organization, they have as much at stake as you do. In-house recruitment professionals are invested in the financial growth of their own organization – their livelihood depends on it. And they are invested in finding the very best physicians to work in their community – the lives of their friends and loved-ones may depend on it. ASPR can help you reach other executives with successful in-house recruitment programs, who have experienced this difference.

Truth in Advertising!

One reason physicians may decide to leave your organization after a short time is that in their eyes the reality did not match the picture painted for them during the recruitment process. The best way to minimize opportunities for misunderstanding and misinterpretation is to have candidates receive information from your organization directly.

An in-house recruitment professional will market your organizational mission and brand promise according to your standards and will be able to connect candidates with the employees best suited to answer each question which may arise. Furthermore, an in-house recruitment professional will also understand your organization’s challenges and will help you understand how they may affect your success in recruiting. Together, you will be able to find solutions, and ways to address these issues so there are no surprises to discourage your new physicians.

By removing the middle-person in your recruitment process you will take great strides in reducing the “telephone” effect which can compound many misunderstandings. ASPR can help you learn the techniques to reach physicians directly – no interpreter required.

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