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Michael Jones

899 South College Mall Rd, Ste 395 Bloomington, IN 47401

(800) 244-7236

Email: is a leading physician job board offering unmatched exposure and value for your candidate sourcing needs. Read on to learn more about what can offer you.

Candidate Sourcing - uses a multi-pronged approach, driving physician job seekers to our website and your jobs

  • Physician jobs advertised at are listed on multiple webpages within our site such as specialty pages, specialty/state pages, specialty/city/state pages, and company pages. This allows physician job seekers to find jobs on our site at the top of key search engines (such as Google) for any job related query they submit.
  • Jobs also gain exposure through our paid email marketing campaigns and our internal matching job alerts, which are sent out to registered, job seeking physicians on a daily basis.
  • harnesses the power of social media to attract both active and passive job seekers to your opportunities. maintains a large and active presence across virtually all social media sites to bring even more exposure and candidates to the jobs on our website. We also maintain an active blog, which offers recruiting and job search tips, drawing more physician candidates to our website.
  • also generates exposure through paid advertisements on other websites through banner advertisements and the use of several job aggregator websites.
  • Employers who advertise their jobs at receive unlimited searches in our candidate database for any physician specialty where they have a corresponding published job.

Branding Opportunities - provides more branding opportunities than any other physician job board

  • All employers who advertise job openings at receive a webpage dedicated exclusively to their jobs, which also includes room for the hospital or health system logo, links to the employer’s website, and plenty of room for company information or an “about us” description.
  • Each job advertisement on is capable of hosting both a health system and hospital logo, an “about us” company description, and multiple links to the hospital and/or health system website.
  • Employers who sign up for “featured employer” status also receive a logo on the homepage, which links to their company's jobs page.

Economical - There is no other physician job board which delivers results for the same low prices as

  • A single 90 day ad costs only $60. Save even more by purchasing multiple ads.
  • Our job slot subscription packages start at $8 per month, per ad, and the costs go down with an increasing number of ads.
  • View all of our packages and pricing plans here:

Additional Features

  • Account automation - In most cases, our clients are able to automate the publication of new jobs and removal of old/filled jobs. We can work with API connections, accept XML job feeds, and can build web crawlers, all of which can all save the time of manually posting, editing, and removing jobs. Even clients who manually post, edit, and remove jobs save time with our easy-to-use interface.
  • Big Brother feature - Our Big Brother feature allows account administrators to objectively measure their recruiters’ use of our site by reporting on key metrics such as last log in date, number of active job ads, number of created and edited job ads, number of candidate searches, number of bulk emails sent, and number of recipients of those emails.
  • Real time analytics - Track important statistics for your ads, such as search impressions, number of ad views, and, of course, the number of candidate applications and emails that each ad receives.
  • Other features include candidate tracking and storage, unlimited recruiter seats, bulk email, and more!

For more information please visit:

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