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ASPR Code of Conduct

Members have a responsibility not only to themselves and each other but also to the employers they serve, and the physicians and providers they hire.  Communities are transformed by the very nature of who they recruit into their community and having their best interests at heart. 

An aspirational Code of Conduct seeks to guide members rather than dictate and police behavior.  In the spirit of collegiality and mutual respect the association we will seek to engage in mentoring opportunities and will protect against abuses of ASPR and its resources.  

ASPR Members agree to:

  • Represent the recruiting profession with dignity and integrity
  • Maintain confidentiality with respect to candidates, clients, and contractual information
  • Comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our profession
  • Practice ethical conduct appropriate to the profession and in my interactions with candidates, employees, clients, and competitors. 
  • Maintain integrity in all advertising and will accurately and fairly promote practice opportunities and communities to candidates
  • Accurately and fairly present candidates to my employer
  • Maintain a collegial relationship with my ASPR peers
  • Not forward, print and send, or otherwise relay information/materials obtained through my ASPR membership outside of my organization including but not limited to information/materials obtained from the Resource Library, Webinars, Fellowship program, Annual Conference, Chat listserv, or other ASPR programs and services.
  • Strive to improve knowledge, skills and productivity by participating in continuing education and professional development activities, and sharing knowledge with colleagues

Approved by Board of Directors, September 20, 2005
Revised: August 18, 2014
Revised: March 17, 2016
Revised: Aug 20, 2016

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