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ASPR Annual Conference IGNITE Sessions

Proposal submissions are now closed.

For the first time ever, ASPR will be holding IGNITE sessions at its Annual Conference. We hope you are interested in being one of the inaugural year IGNITE speakers! 

You can submit a proposal here for an IGNITE session at the Annual Conference. No previous speaking experience is necessary, just a passion to tell a story about something you feel passionate about, in a concise format.

These sessions consist of a ten-minute presentation around one common theme. You should have no more than 20 slides, which will advance automatically in the time allotted. Each session should be organized around a theme that is related to:

  • Your work as a professional or career journey
  • A hobby or cause you feel passionate about
  • Something that makes you unique

These sessions lend themselves to a more conversational and storytelling presentation style, rather than a traditional classroom presentation that you might typically experience at our Annual Conference. Given just six to eight minutes to speak, what would you share with other physician recruitment professionals about you, your life, or your journey?

If this makes you a bit nervous, know that ASPR will provide you with a speech coach that will help you through the development of this program, and your time on stage. We want to make sure the best “you” is shining through on stage, and will coach you around your presentation visuals, cadence of your time on stage, how to inject humor into your presentation and more. 

Other things to keep in mind:

  • The slides are not visible long enough to be a major focus of the presentation. The slides should support what you’re saying, not say what you’re supporting.
  • Slides should focus more on quick, powerful visual impressions than on details. Do not include complex figures or more than a couple of simple bullet points, but the more visual the better.
  • The slides will advance every 30 seconds whether the speaker has said everything they meant to say on the current slide or not.
  • Practicing the timing is critical in order to avoid chasing the slides.

Applications are now being submitted. Your application will be reviewed by a group of peers and staff; should you be selected, you will be notified by January 31, 2018.

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